Why mums like me blog…

Ever since I started blogging about motherhood and toddlerhood and everything else that falls under that umbrelIa, I am often asked two questions:

1. What do you blog about (meaning what is it that you write about?)
2. Why do you blog?

I'm now proud to call myself a Mummy Blogger. It's fun, enlightening, cathartic. And it's something I don't mind burning the midnight oil for (as opposed to doing yoga or exercising… too much effort after a long day). So I've listed some of the main reasons I blog – mummy blog to be specific – and why I absolutely love it!


What do I blog about?

Hello, I have a toddler. Who is curious as curious can get about the world around him. He wants to experiment, challenge, learn and do. Which makes life very exciting for him, and gives me loads of subject matter to blog about. Like the time he got his head stuck in the potty (you can read about that scare here) or the weird/strange/annoying and utterly amazing things that only a toddler can manage to do (click here and here to see what I mean).

Then there are all the firsts. For Little Man and for me. Important milestones in his life, and important life lessons for me. Special moments that make for ever-lasting memories (or not-so-special experiences that you would like erased from your memory forever). Nonetheless, both make for interesting posts. Both make up the roller-coaster ride of motherhood.

There are trials, tribulations and everything in between. Confessions, moral dilemmas, strong emotions, letting go of some things and holding on ever-so-tight to others, that are a part and parcel of raising a child.

And last but certainly not the least, tips, recipes, days out and more to share with fellow mums.


Over to point number 2.

Why do I blog? 

  • To document things/incidents/experiences which I otherwise wouldn't take the trouble to write down, for instance, the weird things that I do as a mum, that I can read with Little Man when he's older and we can share a laugh together. (I refer to my blog as 'My baby about my baby').
  • To remember how tough it all was, but how WORTH it, it all is (when Little Man's at Uni and I'm missing him).
  • To have a voice and share it with other mums. Motherhood, despite taking all 24 hours a day of your time, can sometimes be a lonely journey. You go straight from being a working, partying girl to a stay-at-home mum (also working – non-stop – although in a not-so-glamourous role) whose entire life revolves around baby. The routine, the repetition, the constant chores can get monotonous. You lose/forget your previous self and soon realise the only identity you now have is that of MUM. Which is great, but you are still yourself too. And blogging becomes that outlet to let your previous self shine through.
    For me, it's a double whammy because I am a writer at heart. And by profession. I've worked as a journalist in a buzzing newspaper throughout my twenties. I've always loved to write. So blogging lets me continue doing what I love, even as a SAHM. It keeps my creative juices flowing (along with all the other fluids my toddler throws at me!). I could've started a blog on anything, but motherhood is what is currently defining my life, my role and my time, and being something that I am experiencing for the first time, it is also a huge learning experience for me.
  • To connect with other mums, share our experiences, our common complaints (such as not being able to have a hot cuppa anymore:(), our ups and downs, little joys and big challenges, and other mummy rants in general. To be there for one another when we're having one of those REALLY TOUGH days. To dole out advice, or ask for it. To share useful tips, learn new recipes and craft ideas to enjoy with your kids. To be part of a community: the sisterhood of motherhood as I call it.
  • To pat our backs. Mums, we're all doing a great job!!!


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  1. unimumweb

    I loved this! It just backed up to me that blogging is a great thing ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve started out blogging about being a university student and tackling motherhood. Its a great way to keep track of everything thats happening. I’d love a follow back <3

    1. Nicole

      Thanks for reading. Yes blogging is a great outlet for a lot of things… and helps us mums connect with other amazing mums out there. Like you … uni plus a baby! Well done you on managing both!!!

  2. firoza


  3. motherhoodtherealdeal

    Ament to all of that. Blogging is so special for so many reasons, and its all of that which make us do it! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely xx

    1. Nicole

      True, that. Blogging is special and cathartic, especially after a rough day;)

  4. Something Crunchy Mummy

    I agree with all of that and that’s why I blog too. Blogging is brilliant! #coolmumclub xx

    1. Nicole

      Here’s to our sisterhood of motherhood! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. bridiebythesea

    I completely agree – I love blogging to remember all the moments of being a mum too, the really tough days to the amazing happy moments. I also get asked these questions but also….”but you don’t get paid for it” Haha! Keep up the great work ๐Ÿ™‚ #coolmumclub

    1. Nicole

      Haha yes, the question of payment also often arises, you’re correct. But blogging is such a lovely outlet, and helps document the memories. Thanks for reading!

  6. Lily Ugbaja

    Blogging is the best thing I’ve ever done. Well maybe 2nd best, or 3rd best, or… crap!

    Done a lot of things but nothing gives you a voice that millions (hundreds for me, got to be honest baby) of people can connect to.

    I first started to blog so I could share answers to questions I knew other moms had, because I’d spent hours searching for those answers myself. I wanted to tell the world that am a perfectly imperfect mom.

    Recently, a precious friend lost a daughter and I found blogging about it a special gift to share with her how I really felt. (PS: For moms who’s lost a baby, this may well be what your mom friend wants to say to you but can’t )

    Ok Nicole, this is becoming a blog post. What I really want to say is, I get it! A mother has more tales to tell than Shakespeare could ever dream, more records to keep than all the scribes of Jerusalem put together.

    From one mom blogger to another, keep blessing the world mama with your precious stories. And thanks for the opportunity to ramble with a baby at the breast.

    1. Nicole

      Spot on! Thanks for that lovely and honest reply… blogging indeed lends us a voice, a voice that helps us help others in the same situation (in this case, mums like us). You are so right: a mother does have more tales to tell than Shakespeare!!! (I love that line, btw:)). Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

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