That Moment When…

Every new parent encounters these ‘moments’ at some point in their journey as new mums and dads. These aren’t just any moments, but moments that either stick on in the memory forever and ever, or, on the other hand, are pushed far back into the recesses of the mind, never to be spoken about again. 0r, some moments that are just, let us say ‘New Parent Moments’ – ones that will be experienced only in certain situations.

Those that will be remembered for eternity…

When you see/hold your baby for the first time. No matter how painful/exhausting/long your labour/delivery has been, this is THE moment you will remember till your baby has a baby, when you will undoubtedly pass on the ‘moment’ to your son/daughter to cherish.


Your baby’s first steps. Of course, the first few years of your baby’s life is filled with firsts, from his first gurgle to his first day of school, but there are some firsts that are so big, so important, that you will remember the when and how of them in exact detail even years later. His first unaided steps is one such moment. What was once attached to your umbilical cord for nine months is now able to walk without even needing to hold your hand. Proud moment.

The first time your baby calls you ‘Mummy’ or says ‘Daddy’. You feel those happy somersaults in your stomach, re-affirming your sense of being a Mummy. Or Daddy.

Those that you remember to forget…

The first public tantrum. PUBLIC being the part you primarily want to forget. Those glances that slowly become unwanted stares. The feeling that the whole supermarket/ train compartment/ playgroup is looking at you. YOU, not your screaming toddler, mind you. The disdainful look other mothers throw at you, making you wish her peacefully sleeping baby wakes up right now with a scream that overshadows your tantrum-throwing toddler… and then that last moment when you felt like sinking into the ground, to resurface only when your toddler is 21!

The first sleepless, endless, wtf-was-that-all-about night. You will NEVER forget how tired you were…


The first pee in your face or poo in your hands. Don’t wanna talk about it. Ever!

The New Parent Moments

It’s been over an hour you’ve been trying to put baby to sleep. Rocking, singing, humming, patting… finally, you see him drift into slumberland. You sigh with relief, and gently lie him down, thinking of that cup of coffee (or glass of wine, depending on the time of the day) that awaits you. And then – you realise its coming but can’t do anything to stop it – you sneeze! And by one of those cruel laws of nature, it’s a loud sneeze. Well, loud enough to wake baby up. The coffee/wine is a distant dream, as you begin humming Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for the zillionth time.

So, baby’s been asleep without a stir for one and a half hours. No tossing, no turning, no expected wake-ups. Something must be wrong. It’s too good to be true. So you go in to check on peacefully sleeping baby only to wake him up when you tiptoe into the room. Why can’t mothers just be?!

You see a red dot on your two-week old’s left cheek. You panic, and immediately swish out your phone to google it. Ghastly images of blisters, boils and what-have-you pop up on your screen, along with 10 possible diseases/abnormalities that your baby could have. You panic some more. This is the end of the world. My baby has WHAT?!!!
A day later the red dot vanishes. Almost as quickly as those images sprung up on your phone. Welcome to caring for a newborn, mum and dad, EVERY little thing will scare the shit out of you!
If you have any of your special, or not-so-special, moments to share, I’d love to hear about them in the comments section.


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  1. Mama

    Haha, yes. I remember all these. Shan’t be forgetting the mess and stress following the birth in a hurry although that hot little body in my arms was a nice distraction.

  2. Nicole

    A distraction well worth it indeed:)

  3. prettyinplaydough

    Ahh I love this. I am yet to see Little R’s first steps but I can completely agree everything else! Husband has sworn that he only wants one baby so I am going to have to remember all of these moments with her forever!

    1. Nicole

      Cherish all the moments. Cliche I know but they really do grow up SO DAMN FAST!!! Thanks for popping by!

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