The 60 second workout with Leg Master: Review

It is understood that pregnancy and motherhood will change a lot of things: your body, your lifestyle, the amount of sleep you get, your priorities and… your pelvic floor! Childbirth is every woman’s pelvic floor’s worst nightmare, and, if not strengthened before and after giving birth, can lead to a host of problems (most of us mums have experienced the aftermath of childbirth: needing to use the loo more often or worse still, incontinence).

I was aware of these pelvic floor-related issues when pregnant, and would do my pelvic floor exercises whenever I remembered (which, as is always the case, wasn’t very often) and after Little Man was born, it became even less frequent (I had no time, and no energy even when I had the time!!!). A not-so-healthy pelvic floor is just something I got used to, and accepted as one of the side-effects of pregnancy.

Until recently, when I was introduced to The Leg Master! This compact-yet-multi-purpose exercise machine looks simple, but accomplishes so much:

  • Strengthens and tightens the pelvic floor
  • Tones the inner thigh and buttocks
  • Provides a full body workout in less than 60 seconds
  • Reduces body fat and increases muscle mass

How does the Leg Master work?

By working over 200 muscles in your lower body, the Leg Master uses your own bodyweight to provide classic old-school strength-training, while simultaneously toning and sculpting those hard-to-reach, flabby areas (inner and outer thighs and buttocks; many a woman’s biggest problem areas) as well as your legs. It also reduces body fat, increases muscle mass and serves as a cardio session. And the cherry on the cake: it works on strengthening and tightening your pelvic floor while working on the rest of your body!!!

In simple terms, you are lifting your entire bodyweight using your inner thigh muscles, outer buttock muscles, over 200 leg muscles and your pelvic floor. As you stand on the Leg Master, your body weight rests on the lower section of the curved ramp. But in lifting your body weight up the ramp – even though you’re gliding gently – you use a lot of muscle-power.

The springy upper handle bar engages the arms and upper body as well, making it a complete body workout that is quick, efficient and shows immediate results. Watch this video to see how it works…

The 60 second workout to a stronger pelvic floor

We all know we must exercise our pelvic floor daily. And we all know most of us don’t do so (guilty as charged!). But what if it took all of 60 seconds a day to regain your pelvic floor?

The best part about the Leg Master is that it’s so slim and lightweight, that you can move it around from room to room to suit your convenience. I keep it in a corner of the kitchen so that I can do a quick few minutes through the day, in the midst of cooking or while the kettle is on. A minute or two a couple of times throughout the day, and I’ve done a full-body strengthening and toning workout as well as ticked off my pelvic floor exercise from my to-do list, without even going to a gym or slotting in actual time for exercise! The Leg Master just fits into my day, no matter how busy I might be.

What I also like is the fact that the handle bar is adjustable and removable; so I can just use the base to work on my legs and pelvic floor even while sitting at my work desk. Talk about multi-tasking!!!

So don’t think twice about getting yourself the Leg Master. It’s like a one-stop shop for your entire body – and that all-important pelvic region – all from the comfort of your home!

*This is a collaborative post*

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