What's with toddlers enjoying fake Youtube videos?!

Ok, so all this while I thought it was just Little Man who was a bit, err, weird! Let me explain…

I am one of those moms who uses the telly as a babysitter (more than I would like, but well, I call it survival – do I smell Momguilt again?)… anyways, I digress… Yes, so while my son has access to CBeebies, Amazon Prime and Youtube – all of which offer lots of different educational and entertaning shows (he's had his Peppa Pig phase and Thomas the Tank Engine phase and In the Night Garden phase and Postman Pat etc etc) – he often chooses to see what in my opinion is UTTER CRAP on Youtube (the downside of the world wide web I guess). By utter crap I mean watching other kids/ cartoon characters open toys and play with those toys. Yes, you read that right!
youtube video
So while he just chanced upon these kind of videos on Youtube (no, I did not willingly expose him to it), he now seems to love them. And as I mentioned before, often chooses them over the normal stuff! Which brings me back to the point I made – I thought he was just weird!


I read a thread on a mommy Facebook group that asked a question along the lines of: Does your toddler also watch videos of other kids playing with their toys on Youtube? And that thread had a gazillion responses, all in the affirmative. You cannot imagine how happy that made me feel (sorry not sorry). So my toddler wasn't weird, he was just being a toddler!!! (Ok, toddlers are kinda weird, but then he wasn't weirder than the rest!!!).

And then I came upon a couple of comments on other blogs which mentioned how their toddlers loved seeing Youtube videos of other kids mindlessly opening kinder eggs… ah, that sounded familiar too. And further affirmed that
a) Little Man was normal and
b) all toddlers are WEIRD!!!

I mean, why on earth would they want to watch videos of other kids playing with their toys when they have REAL toys of their own? Which they can touch and feel? My only guess is it has something to do with wanting what others have (a typical toddler trait) and in this case, imagining they are playing with those toys (every mum knows how appealing another kid's toy is in their toddler's eyes – if they have it, they don't wan't it; if they see someone else with it, they want it NOW!).

If it's not a kid, it's a fake Spiderman or a fake Paw Patrol pup playing with some random toys. I say fake because it's not the real characters; it's some crap version of the real deal. Makes no sense to me, has NO educational value but somehow keeps Little Man (and other toddlers) occupied/ happy/ quiet. So, I question not, I just accept. Relieved that it's not just my toddler…

Does your toddler also enjoy watching such videos? Do you think it's weird too? I'd love to hear other mums' thoughts on this…


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21 Responses

    • Nicole

      Yeah, I didn't know it was a 'thing' with toddlers till mine started doing it, and then I read all those posts/ comments on how other toddlers enjoy it too!!!

  1. Emma Island Living 365

    I just want to know why my two are so obsessed with kinder eggs. I think that they are the biggest let down ever, overpriced, taste like poop and full of tat. My two adore them though – argh! #FridayFrolics

    • Nicole

      The weirdness of toddlers! Yes, Kinder eggs are immensely popular with toddlers

    • Nicole

      Hahaha, that's adorable. My son loves seeing his own videos too, though often gets irritated while I'm recording him!

  2. MomOfTwoLittleGirls

    My daughter is watching it right now!!! She is nearly 6. She watches the Kinder Egg reveals and the Shopkins sh*t, and some adult in a whiney pretend kid voice playing with Anna & Elsa (who she pronounces Aneya and Elseya … I hate it, but as electronic baby-sitters go (sorry, not sorry) it's their favourite. 

    What I have noticed though is that when I do actually turn it off (because I'm scared they will use all the data and I won't be able to blog) then they go and actually play better with their toys than the did even 6 months ago. It's like it's sparked their imagination a bit. 

    I still hate it though. None of it is normal, not the videos or all the kids who watch it. Utter cr@p 


    • Nicole

      Interesting point about it sparking their imagination and renewing their love for their own toys! Possible… they do imitate what they see on screen. My LO loves imaginative play too…

    • Nicole

      Yes, I only stumbled upon them on Youtube… and my LO loves them!!!

    • Nicole

      So it seems to be a trend with older kids too! Yikes!!!
      Thanks for popping over Melly:)

  3. Anne

    I don't have toddlers anymore, all I can say is, watch out, it gets worse!

  4. Rach

    Can I tell you what my 3 year old watches on YouTube?
    People watching Pointless & The Chase (tv shows)
    Watching kids at soft play centres (at least I don't have to take him)
    What the actual F?!
    Thanks for sharing with #GlobalBlogging

  5. One Messy Mama

    OH MY… No Mommy guilt here… I only just discovered YouTube for kids.. Why on earth only now… It has given me my life back 🙂 haha (kidding – maybe not kidding)… My daughters love watching other kids playing Barbie… Why don't they just play with their own? I have no idea… My boys are into the playdough series where they watch people make things? Again, we have playdough too. I guess its not as exciting 🙂 … Thanks for sharing with us! #globalblogging

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