Well-being and Holistic Living: A Feel-Good Gift Guide

Twenty-twenty has been a year with more downs than ups, for most of us. From health concerns to loss of lives and livelihoods, it’s a year that has forced us all to stop, introspect, reconsider options and look inwards for self-growth and satisfaction. Those who never had time to stop and smell the roses, had an entire lockdown to find more meaning in their life, perhaps even find their real calling. Others took to meditation and other spiritual means to find calm within the chaos. People started living more wholesome lives, eating home-cooked meals and going back to basics in many ways. Well-being and holistic living has become a part of the ‘new normal’, as we call it, and there’s no better time than now to invest in yourself. Here’s a practical and helpful gift guide on products that will help you on this path…

Spiritual jewellery

Crystals and gemstones aren’t just gorgeous to look at, but have their unique healing and beneficial properties as well. It’s perfect to keep them dotted around the house for display, or in your scared alter if your prefer. But if you want to connect with your crystals more deeply, then wearing them in the form of jewellery is a great alternative.

These Power Bracelets in Rose Quartz and Golden Tiger’s Eye from Holistic Shop have become my everyday wear staples, adding some glam to my school-runs and other errands. But more importantly, I feel energised knowing that the crystals are working their magic while I’m going about my day.

Rose quartz, one of the most popular crystals, has a calming, soothing energy that promotes love, self-love and peace and harmony in relationships.

Tiger’s Eye, with it’s glorious shades of golden and brown, is a protective and healing crystal that emits negativity and helps the mind and body re-balance. An over-all feel-good crystal to add to your everyday jewellery collection.

Besides jewellery, Holistic Shop also has a range of other spiritual and divination products.

Deep Soul also makes some lovely everyday-wear soulful jewellery. Their round/ oval crystal rings are so lightweight yet make a bold statement, adding colour and meaning to your outfit. I chose one in white jade (instills a sense of calm, peace, love and abundance) but there are more options available.

The handmade silver-plated crystal earrings (also available in a variety of crystals) are dainty and delicate, making them ideal for daily wear. And are just £3.99 a pair! Shown below are the ones in Rose Quartz and Hematite and the Tiger’s Eye.

Besides jewellery, you will also find a stunning range of spiritual homewares, home fragrances and spiritual services on the website.

The Feel-Good Factor

Candles, reed-diffusers, home fragrances all lend a feel-good factor, whether you use them during your meditation practice, to de-stress and wind down towards the end of the day or just to add a sense of calm and serenity to your home.

Here are some of my personal favourites…

This Orange Rose Candle and Diffuser Set from Beautify fills the room with subtle notes of orange, rose and amber. The pack contains a 50g candle, a 30ml room diffuser and a room spray. A great all-in-one set to gift yourself or a loved one.

Prezzy Box’s Sandalwood and Cedar Therapy Reed Diffuser and Candle Set has the added benefit of essential oils, and is ideal if you are into aromatherapy. Made with natural ingredients, the rejuvenating blend of sandalwood and cedar essential oils aids the body, mind and soul.

iMantara reinvents ancient Thai botanical traditions in their products for body and home. Inspired by Thailand’s Arabian Aromatherapy influences, this room spray will infuse your space with the exotic and vibrant scents of Rosewood, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Myrhh and Cardamom. Invigorating and stimulating, (with anti-inflammatory benefits too), it provides a spa-like ambience for when you want to unwind and de-stress.

Candles always brighten up my mood and make me feel more positive. And if it’s a scented candle, it also adds a sense of calm and well-being.

This bergamot-scented one by Lumieres by The Little Dove Company is absolutely lovely – do check out their site for a range of beautiful-smelling candles and reed diffusers.

And what could instill instant feelings of happiness than a candle that doesn’t just smell great but also looks bright and colourful? This cute pine cone-shaped candle by Apidae is made from natural beeswax and always manages to brighten up my day with it’s happy yellow colour!

Sussex Special Handcrafted Candles also have a wonderful range of highly scented boutique candles that not only smell good but look amazing as well. Each candle comes within it’s own decorative bottle, every fragrance is individual and each handcrafted candle has a character of its own.

picture of two bottles of sussex candles

Home Decor

Virginia O Studio‘s handcrafted home decor products are designed with the purpose of advocating mental health with messages of love, hope and support. Her products include coasters, jewellery/ trinket trays, personalised keyrings, paper weights, wall art, eco candles and Christmas decorations – all adorned with positive messages and affirmations.

Moreover, proceeds from the sale of her products go towards supporting charities like The Jordan Legacy (that works towards preventing suicide by improving mental well-being), so not only will you feel good but also do good when adorning your home with these lovely items.


Sensory Retreats’ new Divine Eyes self-heating eye mask is like a soothing massage to the eyes. Not only does it warm up upon contact but it also emits a gorgeous relaxing lavender scent to help alleviate a range of health and beauty conditions including dry, puffy and tired eyes, fine lines, headaches, insomnia and stress. Perfect for an early night in or a quick fix ‘spa at home’ experience.

These aromatherapy solid perfumes by Neve’s Bees – created using a blend of Neve’s Bees beeswax, organic plant oils and pure essential oils – are perfect to find your “happy place” or “calm place”. Swipe your finger over them and apply to pulse points for feel-good vibes all day long. These little tins come in three options: The Bee Happy with a cheerful citrus floral scent; the Bee Focused that helps you remain alert with its vibrant citrus and woody notes and the Bee Sleepy that helps you relax and drift off to sleep at the end of the day. The perfect self care treat.

How can we talk of holistic care and not mention Ayurveda? Tri-Dosha’s products are based on this age-old Indian system of holistic health and healing. Two products that I have been regularly using and absolutely love are the nourishing body and massage oil and exfoliating face scrub.

Massage is an integral part of Ayurveda, and the Danwantari nourishing and moisturising body oil is perfect to regenerate tired, dull skin and rejuvenate the entire body. Enriched with orange essential oil, cinnamon leaf and forty-three replenishing herbs, it helps you relax and refresh at the same time.

The Ayurvedic exfoliating facial scrub instantly makes you look and feel more energised, with purified, fresh, soft skin.

The health (and beauty) benefits of pure organic Argan oil is known to all – it provides natural nourishment for skin, nails and hair. Containing natural vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, it is an excellent moisturiser and anti-ageing cosmetic. The Skin Revivals Organic Argan Oil available through Beauty Naturals makes for the perfect all-in-one beauty self-care solution.

Food & Drink

It’s always good to take vitamin supplements to boost your immunity and health, but more so now when we need to remain in the best of health for our best chance of resisting or combatting the coronavirus. Better You’s Complete Wellness Pack is perfect as it contains Vitamin B12, Vitamin D as well as multi-vitamins, all in a convenient oral spray form. This bundle provides everything you need to boost immunity, increase energy levels and promote overall well-being.

What you put inside your body is just as important (perhaps even more) as what you put on it. Adaptogenic tea is the latest buzzword in the health and well-being world, and rightly so, as it contains immune boosting adaptogens that support the immune system, contribute to a healthy heart and digestive system, manage cholesterol levels and calm the mind while boosting one’s mood and energy level. For those not in the know, adaptogens are herbs that help the body resist stressors – physical or emotional – and bring balance back to the body and mind.

Disclosure: I was gifted some of the items listed in the gift guide to review; however, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Micaela Burr

    Nothing says Christmas like a festive fragrance wafting through the house. I can’t get enough of diffusers and am on the hunt for a new aroma for this year!

    1. Nicole

      I love a great smelling house myself… makes you feel so much happier even amidst the chaos!

  2. Oli Harris

    Totally going to get some of these candles. I think my partner would very much appreciate them alongside a massage and some relaxing music. Great guide, thank you.

    1. Nicole

      Candles, massage and relaxing music – just what we all need to survive Lockdown 2!

  3. Kelly

    There’s some great Christmas present ideas on here, as well as some treats for myself. Thank you.

    1. Nicole

      Glad you liked it and found it useful. Enjoy!

  4. Helen Copson

    Great list, I need some of these in my life!

    1. Nicole

      They are great products; it’s Lockdown 2 and almost Christmas, you don’t need another reason!!!

  5. Ashleigh

    What wonderful ideas! I love anything like that anyway but even more so because of this year!

    Love, Ashleigh


    1. Nicole

      So true, we all need some extra self-love and self-care this year. Hope you enjoy some of these products.

  6. Claire

    I have these neves bees products they’re so good aren’t they!

  7. Sophie

    I really loved this gift guide! I’m looking for little gifts to cheer my family and friends up throughout lockdown but think i’ll also treat myself to a Rose quartz bracelet as I’m working on self-love!

    1. Nicole

      Glad you liked the guide Sophie.
      The bracelet is very pretty; I wear it daily and it is lovely.

  8. Lavania

    There’s some wonderful advice in here, you’d love the mindfulness thirty day challenge


    1. Nicole

      Thank you and I will check out the challenge too.

  9. Melanie Varey

    I love candles! I think that they are my favourite type of gift and I can never get enough of them! I love the look of the heated eye mask too.

    1. Nicole

      Candles are lovely, I agree. Especially the ones that emit a lovely smell!
      The mask is quite relaxing as well…

  10. Emma Reed

    I love those earrings, in fact I had some similar and they were my fave but I lost one somewhere years ago and never found it… sob! I will have to get some more

    1. Nicole

      Hate when that happens! But these are lovely too… and there’s more choice on the website. Have a look and treat yourself:)

  11. Sarah Stockley

    I love all of these. I have crystals around my home and wear them too. I also love incense and candles. My eldest daughter is looking into aromatherapy diffusers at the moment.

    1. Nicole

      That’s lovely; I love incense sticks as well. Perfect for lifting your mood and putting you in a peaceful state of mind at the same time:)

  12. Mike

    Self care is on my Xmas list this year for sure!

    1. Nicole

      It should be, what with the year we’ve all had! Hope you get some inspiration and ideas from here…

  13. Natalie

    Really nice list of more independent gifts. More interested in shopping small this year so thanks for some inspo

    1. Nicole

      Glad you found it useful Natalie:)

  14. Clare

    Beautiful gift ideas, I love the candle and diffuser set, I would be so grateful to receive something like that. As a working Mum who kept working from home throughout lockdown with three kids in tow, I’m definitely ready for some self-care!

    1. Nicole

      Oh yes, after juggling work and homeschooling and entertaining the kids and lockdown, we all deserve some TLC! Hope you get to treat yourself to some well-deserved me-time.

  15. Jen

    These are cute gifts, they would certainly make someone feel good!

    1. Nicole

      Thank you, yes, they are feel-good gifts for sure!

  16. Becky: The Owlet

    I love a more self care style list. We really need this at the moment! I love the smell of sandalwood too so that reed diffuser is a must

    1. Nicole

      Agree, we need self-care more than ever now! I love the smell of sandalwood too:)

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