Blogger Recognition Award – Thank you!!!

blogger recognition award - talesfrommamaville

blogger recognition award - talesfrommamaville
It’s always a lovely feeling when your hard work is recognised, appreciated and cherry-on-the-cake – awarded! So I was thrilled when the sweet Lucy from the lovely blog Lucy at Home nominated me (and my blog) for the popular Blogger Recognition Award. Big thank you once again Lucy! Lucy is mum to two little girls and her blog is full of “all things mummy-ish” (in her own words) and has a sprinkling of parenting issues, product reviews, child-friendly travel destinations and lots more. Do check it out if you haven’t already.
So, here’s how the award works…

Blogger Recognition Award: The Rules

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
2. Write a post to show your award.
3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
5. Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
6. Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

How my blog started

I’m a writer at heart and prior to having Little Man (the protagonist of this blog), I was a journalist by profession. So, writing has always been a part of my life. After Little Man was born, I chose to be a SAHM. But after the first two years of motherhood when he started part-time nursery, I found some free time (yeah can you believe it?!) and the itch to get back to writing began. I had quit my job, but realised I couldn’t quite quit writing!

I had written in print, and had written online, but blogging? That was something I had never experimented with.

What could my blog be about? What was the one thing I was pre-occupied with at the moment? Motherhood – of course! It was what I was doing day in and day out, and it was is something that offers me new experiences every day.

And boom! Tales from Mamaville was born in January 2016.

A little over a year later, I couldn’t be happier with my decision (this post on ‘Why mums like me blog‘ explains why). What started as an extension of my passion for the written word has now become an integral part of my motherhood experience. I love blogging, I love the Mummy Blogging community and I love that I’m learning so much – about blogging and motherhood!

Two pieces of blogging advice

1. It takes time, patience and a lot of genuine bloglove!
If you blog as a hobby or just to document your child’s life, then stats and followers (or lack thereof) won’t bother you. However, if you plan on making an income from your blog, or blog as a business, then stats, followers, subscribers, DA and the like will matter. But… it won’t happen overnight. It could take weeks, months, a year or even more to get those numbers rolling. Don’t lose hope – it takes time and patience and GENUINE bloglove. I-scratch-your-back-you-scratch-mine type of followers won’t stick with you; so take your time and share some real blog love. You get what you give!

2. Content is king, but promoting yourself is just as important
I learnt this the hard way. When I was a novice to the blogosphere, I assumed blogging was just about setting up a blog – and then blogging. But I soon realised that no-one would know I had a blog and stories to tell and information to share if I didn’t shout it out from the rooftops. Promoting your blog, making posts stand out with great pinnable images, sharing your posts on social media and joining linkies is as – if not more – important than writing. But that doesn’t mean you write crap and expect it to wow your readers – there are far too many blogs out there for readers and brands to choose from, so if you want a loyal following, you must generate great content. Content is, afterall, the backbone of your blog.

My nominations

Choosing only 15 bloggers from this wonderful and vast blogosphere to pass on the award to, is quite a dilemma. There are so many lovely blogs and bloggers out there, but since the rules state 15 only, I have nominated some of my favourite blogs.

Life Love and Dirty Dishes

Rhyming With Wine

Mum Muddling Through

Island Living 365 

Motherhood The Real Deal

One Messy Mama

Rice Cakes n Raisins

The Mum Project

Slouching towards Thatcham

Four Princesses and the Cheese

Absolutely Prabulous

Run Jump Scrap

Big Trouble in Little Nappies 

All Things Spliced

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  1. Firoza


    1. Nicole

      Thank you so much:)

  2. Rhyming with Wine

    Oh very well deserved Nicole! I've been following you since you started out last year and you have achieved so much in that time.  Thank you so much for the nomination.  I'm thrilled to be included with such a talented bunch! x

    1. Nicole

      Thanks so much Dawn, that is so lovely to hear. Rhyming with Wine is up there among my favourite blogs, and I'm so pleased to be able to share the bloglove and appreciation with some of the best bloggers out there!

  3. Lucy At Home

    Ah it's great to find out more about you, Nicole. I love your comment about quitting your job but not being able to quit writing 🙂 I also think your advice about being genuine and sharing proper blog love is so true – it's obvious when people are only interested in what they can get for the themselves.

    1. Nicole

      Aww that is so very sweet of you Lucy. Thanks for reading, commenting and nominating me for this award in the first place:) Likewise, it has been great getting introduced to your blog, and I love the #blogcrush linky you co-host – such a FAB idea and way to spread the bloglove!

  4. absolutely prabulous

    Oh you are good. I STILL haven't written my sisterhood of blogging or versatile blogger ones from 2 years ago!!!! Thanks so much for the mention. So lovely of you. And lovely to discover you through my linky with Becky. xx

    1. Nicole

      Thanks much, and yours is a truly deserved nomination. You have a fab blog?

    2. Nicole

      Thanks much:) And yours is a truly deserved nomination, your blog is fab?

  5. Harshada

    Good job, Nicole. You rock 

  6. Mrs Lighty

    Aww thanks so much for the nomination, completely chuffed to be among such good company! Will write my post soon! 🙂 xxx

    1. Nicole

      Most welcome… well deserved nomination there. I enjoy your blog:)

  7. Talya

    Thank you so lovely for the nomination I'm honoured and it's so great to have you as part of #coolmumclub xoxo 

    1. Nicole

      My pleasure Talya… your blog is an inspiration; thank YOU for sharing all the tips and knowledge:)

  8. Jaya

    Congratulations! Well deserved Nicole ? I love your work. 

    1. Nicole

      Thank you so much Jaya, for your constant support! You are too kind!

  9. Tammymum

    Wow 15 is a lot to choose from. These are great tips. You definitely need some blog love to keep going at it. #coolmumclub 

    1. Nicole

      Thanks for popping over! 

  10. Tracey Abrahams

    I love finding out more about the person behind the blog. I agree that it takes time to build up a blog so you have to love what your doing x


    1. Nicole

      That's so sweet of you. Yes, me too – it's always nice to know the blogger behind the blog. Adds that personal touch, doesn't it? Thanks for reading:)

  11. Pamela

    Very cool! You’re totally right that you have to put time and effort into building a following, I am honestly motivated to get my ass in gear after reading this!! #triumphanttales

    1. Nicole

      Aww, thanks much, that’s so sweet! x

  12. Oldhouseintheshires

    Awesome! That’s amazing. #TriumphantTales

  13. Lisa Pomerantz

    Congrats, Mazel Tov, and kudos on a well-earned award. That’s a sweet list you have there too! Wonderful all around! <3 #Triumphanttales

    1. Nicole

      Awww, thanks so much Lisa, that’s very kind of you… x

  14. Mrs Mummy Harris

    Your advice is brilliant, you need to be kind to your blog and be gentle with them and patient… good things come to those who wait afterall! Also promotion is also key… good example is the pop charts, not always the best tune, but promotion gets it to the top of the charts!
    Thank you for joining us at #TriumphantTales, would love to see you back next week

    1. Nicole

      Thanks for that lovely comment:)

  15. Jaki

    Love this tag – great advice here too! Thanks so much for linking up to #TriumphantTales – hope to see you again on Tuesday!

    1. Nicole

      Thanks Jaki…

  16. Helen Little

    This is lovely, your advice is really helpful. Time and patience are so important. My blog has become a real labour of love! Hope to keep up with your blog. ❤

    1. Nicole

      Thank you so much Helen. Yes, it’s amazing how our blogs start off as hobbies and become real labours of love. Good luck with yours!

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