How to regain your figure after having children

After having children a number of things will feel different. Quite clearly you will have put on weight which is entirely natural. You might feel more cumbersome, a little slower in your movement and becoming tired much more often and much quicker. This is part and parcel of the whole process of having children so don’t panic. There’s not much you can do about this while you’re in the stages of pregnancy apart from try to eat healthily and perhaps go on regular walks if you can. However, once all this is over and you have finally had your child things need to return to normal. Regaining your figure is not so easy though, because your cravings and hormones can still be heightened for a while. This means you may still be eating more calories than you should be or need to, and thus controlling your weight is still going to be a challenge. Thankfully, there are more programs for new parents than ever regarding getting fit and healthy. You have a number of options that you could look into that will improve your figure and mental wellbeing.



Sharing the burden

Many fitness professionals will affirm that you’re more likely to stay motivated and want to workout when you are sharing the burden. If there are two people with a similar goal in mind, helping each other achieve your individual aims becomes a lot easier. Two people who can motivate each other and go to the gym or meet up to workout is going to improve both your chances of success. It’s also a lot more helpful to have someone with you after having children since your body may still be weak and fatigued. Starting off slow and doing yoga or just cardio is quite common for new parents. Go with a friend or a family member to the gym or set up a place in your own home where you can both exercise and keep an eye on each other.

Target the areas

Targeted workouts take some planning and thinking to get right. Essentially, you’re trying to target the areas of your body that require more attention than others. Every woman’s body is different so assess how you look in the mirror to figure out where your body has stored the most pregnancy weight. If it’s around the mid-section such as the abs, waist and hips then doing body weight exercises is a good start. Sit-ups and crunches will activate the sleeping muscles at these areas and slowly but surely you’ll start to lose weight specifically at these targeted zones. If it’s weight accumulated around the arms or the legs, perform similar moves that are specifically for these body parts.

Time to get serious

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! You never know when you might find a new passion. Exercising and working out to get a trim and curvy figure might become something you want to turn to professionally to help other women in your position. You can of course take personal trainer courses that benefit you personally to maintain a nice figure. Or you might want to start up your own business where you can teach what you have learned to others.

Firstly, you’ll need a website if you’re going to take this seriously and OriGym’s guide for getting more traffic to your personal trainer website 2019, is good reading material for this endeavour. Working with brands is certainly something you will want to do as it spreads your own brand name and also helps you look more professional. Who knows, this could end up being your full-time job post-pregnancy!

Too much too fast

Remember to take things slow in the beginning. Don’t do too much too fast because your body is going to take a couple of months to fully get back to normal ways. Start off with walks, and gentle jogging for the first few days. Take your time and understand what your body is telling you. If you’re still feeling tired and exhausted don’t push yourself too hard. If you’re feeling fine and full of energy, then get a head start on things and form a workout plan with a friend.

For some women regaining their figure post-pregnancy is about confidence, and for others it’s about being more comfortable. For you it could be both but whatever your motives are, share the burden and find yourself a friend to workout with. Target the parts of your body that you feel need more attention than others so you can get back your proportions quicker. Most importantly, just stay positive and focussed and you will see results.

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  1. chickenruby

    i think it’s more about accepting your new figure after child birth, at 47 and 20 years after having my last (of 3) child, I’m now learning to love my mum tum

    1. Nicole

      Very valid point. Acceptance is the first – and key – step.

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