The Mornin’ Cuppa

For a mum of a newborn/toddler, there are two sides to the Tale of the Mornin’ Cuppa. It can either be the most looked-forward-to moment of the day, or one that is nothing more than a distant dream.

That first cup of tea/coffee in the morning is crucial for mum. It does a better job of waking her up than that darn alarm (or baby, which ever goes off first), and sets the pace for the day. But, for the caffeine to work its magic, it needs to be consumed peacefully, every hot sip savoured… and most mums know how rare that can be. Just as the whistle on the kettle goes off, baby who was sound asleep wakes up. Or needs to be picked up from the bouncer RIGHT NOW. Or toddler throws one of two things: his first tantrum of the day or his bowl of cereal on the floor.

You, being the dutiful mum that you are, do the needful. Then put the kettle on again. If you’re lucky, you might get to second base (that is, pouring the beverage into your cup). Baby bawls again. Or toddler feels potty. (I’m convinced it’s a conspiracy by all babies of the world against all mums of the world).

It’s now almost 8 am and you’ve been up since 6.30. But you’ve still not consumed that first cuppa, You re-heat your cuppa for the third (or is it fourth?) time, silently thanking the genius who invented the microwave.


Aaaaah, that first sip. Momentary bliss. Your senses are now waking up. This caffeine kick is amazing, you think, till you realise it’s your toddler kicking you to show you that his baby sister has just thrown up.

8.30 am. One hundred and twenty minutes since you woke up. Two hundred and forty seconds of being re-heated. And your cuppa’s cold. Again. But by now you don’t give a damn and just gulp it down. Telling yourself – yet again – that you will wake up 15 minutes earlier tomorrow morning.

Fast forward to the next morning: You choose 15 extra minutes of sleep over that cuppa. I always do…


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  1. Madhurima

    Spot on. This is me every morning sometimes I even forget about my first cup and give up only because I am so tired of reheating! Reading your blogs are such a treat – brings a smile to my face!

    1. Nicole

      That’s the point… to bring a smile or an ‘I can so relate to this’ moment in a tired mommy’s life:)

  2. Deepali Singh

    Might not be a mom yet but these posts sure r letting me know what a crazy, fun, maddening and joyful journey motherhood is. Keep them coming girl!

  3. Reshma

    I savour my morning chai! That’s one luxury I can allow myself, thanks to Oshma being a very adjusting child who plays by her own as I sip my tea and read the paper. Ahh bliss xx

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