Those Mommy Aaaarghhh Moments!

C’mon, admit it. As a mum, you’ve definitely pulled your hair out, gritted your teeth, thought your life pretty much sucks sometimes and gone ‘AAAAARGHHHHHH’ a zillion times! And at least a couple times a day. That’s motherhood for you – well, a part of motherhood (the bit that comes with spit-ups and other messes, tantrums and other shenanigans). So, presenting, my top ‘Mommy Aaaarghhhhh’ Moments…


1. When you take one hour plus to settle baby to sleep – only to have him/ her wake up the minute you leave the room.
Lesson: NEVER LEAVE. For another six months. That’s the ONLY way you’ll get sleep.


2. When baby FINALLY drifts off to sleep ONLY on your shoulder. After that one hour. And you gently, quietly put him/ her down in the cot. And he/she awakes.
Lesson: Keep baby on your shoulder. At all times. Through naps and through the night. If you want some kind of peace/ rest/ break.



3. When your baby looks nothing like you and everything like your husband. And EVERYBODY points that out. Aaaaarghhhhh! You were a big whale for nine months, you pushed that mini watermelon out and this is your reward?!
Lesson: At least make sure your husband looks like Tom Cruise!



4. When you have your first sip of hot tea/coffee (after forever) and you hear baby cry. How in heaven’s name do they always know that exact moment??? (Don’t believe me? Read this!)
Lesson: Learn to love ice tea/cold coffee!




5. When you’ve cleaned the house, putting everything in its correct place (read: no toys on the living room floor, no forgotten cheerios on the couch and no rubber ducks in the bathtub) and toddler wakes up and you go to make him a snack and your house looks like a volcano site again.
Lesson: Don’t clean the house/ tidy up for the next five years. It’s pointless!




6. When you can never have a shower in peace again because:
a) your baby’s banging on the door crying for you
b) your toddler’s throwing a tantrum outside because he wants a snack NOW
c) because you are always imagining the above scenarios, even when you are home alone
Lesson: Get waterproof earplugs! 


7. This one’s a no-brainer – when sleep deludes you. For approximately the next 5-10 years (depending on how many kids you plan to have).
Lesson: Learn to love coffee. And live on approximately 4.5 hours of disturbed sleep.


8. When you’re potty training and you ask your toddler if he/she wants to go to the toilet, and are met with a vehement ‘No Mummy’ and five minutes later there’s a puddle of pee on the floor!
Lesson: Never trust a toddler who says he/she doesn’t wanna pee!


9. Whenever your toddler throws a tantrum. In public. (Supermarkets and family gatherings are the worst!).
Lesson: I’m sorry, no lesson here. Just DEAL WITH IT! Read these tips on the 7 Deadly Stages of a Tantrum (and how to deal with them)


10. When baby refuses to nap and then fusses at bedtime. Huge aaaaarghhhh moments in my book!
Lesson: Don’t have another kid! (Just kidding! How can you not want more of these munchkins?!!!)



11. When toddler insists on walking when you take the stroller along. That’s ok. But when toddler insists on not walking/ being carried when you deliberately didn’t get the stroller, because you thought toddler wanted to walk!
Lesson: Always carry a suitcase of your toddler’s belongings. Everywhere.


12. When stepping on Lego. Or miniature cars. Time after time!
Lesson: You can’t not buy toys for your kid (because you will then have to be sole entertainer) so just wear hard-soled trekking shoes at all times.


13. When baby/ toddler wakes up before the sun. Even on weekends.
Lesson: Again, don’t have another baby…


14. This one always gets me!!! When baby naps for all of seven minutes in the car and is then fresh for the next eight hours! With super-charged energy!
Lesson: Always have a CD of Heavy Metal in the car so that the above doesn’t happen.


15. Alternatively, when you want baby to nap in the car and he/she doesn’t, until five minutes before you reach your destination! And then you have to sit in the car with sleeping baby for 45 minutes because you don’t want to enter the party with a cranky baby!
Lesson: Just one of the many ironies of motherhood.


16. When your toddler eats his toast cut in triangles. Every. Single. Morning. Except that one morning when he wants them in squares and squares ONLY. And breakfast never ends.
Lesson: Your toddler will become your boss. He/ she will rule your life, your house, you. Accept it. Peace will prevail.



17. When mealtimes are a chore. That never end. One more bite. Just one vegetable please. Ok, let’s make a deal: if you eat your spinach, I’ll give you cake.
Lesson: Adults live to eat. Kids eat to live.



18. When your toddler tests your patience. Every day. For everything.
Lesson: Take a deep breath. Count 1-10. Repeat: This too shall pass. Think of your toddler when he/she is cuddling you, telling you you’re the best mum in the world. Think of the wine bottle that awaits you tonight…



19. When you decide to get your life back on track (read: get it back to normal), and that won’t really happen. For the next few years.
Lesson: Motherhood is a never-ending journey. Embrace it.


20. When a vacation is no more a vacation post kids. It’s just a whole load of packing, unpacking, laundry and doing the same stuff except in a new location.

21. When you want just five minutes of peace. No questions. No requests. No mopping up spills. No chasing after crawling baby who has opened up every drawer in the house, no nappy changes, no appeasing tantrums…
Lesson: Stop dreaming!

22. When you’ve finally got those few minutes of peace, and then this happens…


23. When your weekends are pretty much the same as your weekdays. Same routine. No lie-ins. Same number of nappies to change. No Saturday Night Fever leading to Sunday Morning Hangover.
Lesson: It’s a new life post-baby. Different, absurd, challenging yet so, so amazing…



24. When you don’t feel like Supermom. You look like shit, feel like crap, and don’t have the energy to play with your toddler so you allow him to see lots and lots of TV. While Supermom across the road has it all in control. Wearing yoga pants at that!
Lesson: It’s ok to not be perfect. Your kid’s fed, and happy and loves you. You’re doing great!


25. When going to a restaurant is akin to mental torture and public shame. See pie chart below…
Lesson: Get all the possible take-away menus in your area


IMG-20150508-WA0008-126. When your toddler has the memory of an elephant and you of a goldfish! What you say when sleep-deprived/ irritated/ just like that will be taken as a blood oath by your toddler!
Lesson: Watch your words.

27. When they can reach the unreachable (or so you thought), but are too lazy to complete the mundane, daily tasks.
Lesson: Never underestimate your toddler!



28.  When you want to pee – and poop – in peace and in privacy, and you realise that is NEVER going to happen again.
Lesson: Learn to Skip to the Loo, My Darling…


29. When it’s just one of those days where there has been more shouting (by toddler and yourself) than laughing. And you feel like shit! For so much shouting.
Lesson: Momguilt will always exist. Just learn to ignore it.



30. When the emotional mush gets too much to handle. Like their first day at nursery – the tears (at both ends) and the separation. Rips your heart apart. Their first day of school. When you realise your baby is not a baby anymore, and is going out into the big world. On his own. And you just want to hold him and cuddle him and keep him with you all the time.
Lesson: Babies grow up way too fast (even though it doesn’t seem like that on those the-shit-has-hit-the-ceiling days). 


So, what are your most frustrating parenting moments? And how do you deal with them?

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Rhyming with Wine


  1. Tina

    Hilarious and beautiful post Nicole. It is true, they’re the best things that ever happened to us.

    Enjoyed reading the post thoroughly.

    1. Nicole

      Thank you Tina. Yes our little monsters are also the most amazing precious beings to us

  2. BrittanyAnneF

    Yes! Yes! Yes! To all of these! I am so laughing out loud!

    1. Nicole

      Haha. Guess all we mums can relate. And yes dads too. Thanks for reading!

  3. Sharin Butani

    Cleaning a house when the kid is around is like shoveling when it’s snowing!
    Nicole, you are damn outright funny. Your son is getting the best out of you. Enjoyed reading this, too!

    1. Nicole

      Thanks Sharin! That’s so sweet:) you would know all those aaaaarghhhh moments I’m sure;)
      And you are so right about the shovelling while its snowing bit lol

  4. ahopefuldad

    I’ve got two arriving in six weeks (through adoption) so I have all this joy to come. A great blog.

    1. Nicole

      How lovely! All the best and enjoy this phase:)
      Thanks for reading:)

  5. islandliving365

    Haha! I agree with all of these, especially number 10 which actually nearly did happen. I really did refuse to have another child for ages because I was so sleep deprived. Oldest is like Maggie Thatcher she only ever needs three hours of sleep! #FridayFrolics

  6. Life Love and Dirty Dishes

    Ahhh this brought back some memories of the early days. Mainly my husband feeding me my cold dinner whilst I fed the baby! This post has reminded me not to get broody again!!! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

    1. Nicole

      Hahaha. Not to get broody again!

  7. tinmccarthy

    These are all very good little lessons! It is so difficult to narrow down my most frusterating mom moments… I have four girls under nine so I hav elived now without sanity and sleep for so long I barely even feel it any longer. I think when they all cry and whine at the same time and my husband calls to say he wont be home until late…those are the moments I want to grab a bottle of wine and run away…far away. Fortunately for my kids I am not much of a runner…


    1. Nicole

      Wow! Hats off to you. I go insane with one sometimes lol. Thanks for reading…

  8. Rhyming with Wine

    I always love your posts but I think that this is my favourite one yet! I love the instructions for Iced coffee. Although this is one lesson which I have finally mastered (only took me 4 years) with the aid of a travel mug / flask thingy from Starbucks. My life has never been the same since. Keeps it hot and stops it being kicked over / poured down tiny people. Brilliant post! Thanks for hooking it up with #fartglitter x

    1. Nicole

      Oh thank you so much:) that’s so sweet of you!!! Thanks for reading…

      Brill idea bout the flask/travel mug:) stealing… lol

  9. nirupamaprv

    Such an accurate post!! I agree with the Loo thing- no matter what my preschooler is doing: sleeping, watching videos, building Legos blocks, jumping on the bed, throwing a tantrum: it does not matter! She will immediately need me and ask for me! I have no idea how!!!

    1. Nicole

      Lol. They just know the exact times, don’t they?!;) Thanks for reading!

  10. gibbo1983

    As a mother of a newborn and a toddler in with you on pretty much every point above 🙂


    1. Nicole

      Thanks for reading. A newborn and toddler must be amounting to plenty aaaargh moments I’m sure!

  11. motherofthecircus

    Ha ha. This is all so accurate. I feel your pain. Mine are older now but with that brings a load more aaarrrggghhh moments. Xx

    1. Nicole

      Oh dear! Guess the challenges never stop – they just change appearances…

  12. helen gandy

    I often have the falling asleep in the car 5 minutes before we get home or arrive somewhere, grrr! #bestandworst

    1. Nicole

      That is the worst!

  13. Helen

    So, so true. I love the drawing of the knives and crayon, that could definitely be my daughter

    1. Nicole

      Amazing how accurate that image is, isn’t it?!

  14. Sarah-Marie Collins

    Oh these are brilliant. My sons look nothing like either my husband or myself but are both the spitting image of my brother (strong genes of my grandfather) so if we’re out together people assume they are his children. Argh!

    1. Nicole

      That must be quite exasperating!!!

  15. Helen Copson

    These are so funny. I’m reading them laughing and nodding at the same time. I’ve totally given up on tidying my house, it’s just a mess within 30 seconds! And don’t get me started on car naps. #ItsOK

    1. Nicole

      You can relate to these thrice over, I’m sure!!!
      HATE the damn car naps (except when we’re on long journeys…)

  16. Jacqui

    Can I just agree with all of these 🙂 Just tonight, I spent an hour trying to put my son down… Eventually I gave up, hubby walked in and 5 minutes later said little gremlin is fast asleep?? AAARRRRGG! #itsok

    1. Nicole

      Damn, hate when stuff like this happens!!! Proper ‘aaaarggggggh’ shoutout there!

  17. Crummy Mummy

    Yup. 4.5 hours of disturbed sleep a night pretty much sums it up! #itsok

    1. Nicole

      !!! The joy of motherhood;)

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