The #itsok linky is back… with new co-hosts!!!

Are you a tired exhausted mum? On your third cup of coffee and still just want to crash into bed? Is it one of those days when tantrums and tears are in abundance? Feeling crap because you were ‘shouty mum’ all morning? Listen up – ITS ABSOLUTELY OK!

You’re superwoman I know (you birthed that nine-pounder after all!) and nurtured him all these years. Alongside looking after a house and probably even keeping a job. But hey, that doesn’t mean you’re now allowed to fail or take a break or just chill every once in a while. That’s ABSOLUTELY OK too.

Some of you might be familiar with the #itsok linky I co-hosted earlier this year, the basis of which is that #itsok to not be the perfect mum 24/7 (Does she even exist???). Well, we’re now back with a new team and a new look, raring to go! So here’s all you need to know about the linky…




What is the #itsok linky about?

In a sentence, it’s about cutting ourselves some slack as parents. We’ve all been there – that place where we feel we’re not doing our best as mums or dads, that we aren’t giving our 100 per cent day in and day out. Where momguilt shrouds us every time we bottle-feed instead of breastfeed or give our toddlers chicken nuggets instead of a home-cooked-from-scratch meal. Where we are constantly playing catch-up instead of enjoying our kids.

We at the #itsok HQ want to change that. Want parents to feel less guilt and more joy in parenting. The linky is a safe place where you won’t be judged for not being perfect (perfection is relative, anyways), but appreciated for being the best parent YOU can be. For doing the best YOU can. For Perfectly Imperfect Parenting, which leaves you and your children happier!

It aims to help, inspire and reassure parents that they are in fact doing just fine, and that #itsok to not be ok sometimes.

What sort of posts can I add?

Your posts can be about parenting fails, real-life incidents that reflect real parenting, helpful advice, rants about being an imperfect parent in a seemingly perfect world. Heartfelt, funny, serious, whatever you like, we’d love to read them!

So where does the idea come from?

Fellow Parenting and Lifestyle blogger Jennie from Rice Cakes n Raisins originally created the #itsok challenge on her blog as a way of helping other parents realise that #itsok to sometimes not be ok. It was a success, with other parent bloggers joining in with their #itsok moments (read mine here). And so she thought of expanding the concept through a linky, which had a successful first run and is now returning with new co-hosts.

Rules of Play

The new #itsok HQ comprise:

Nicole – Tales from Mamaville
Kate – The Mum Conundrum
Carly – Mom of Two Little Girls
Helen – Twins Tantrums and Cold Coffee
Jacqui – One Messy Mama

The linky will re-start on October 9 (Tuesday) and will run every Wednesday from 7 am until Thursday at 11.55pm.

Each of us four hosts will take turns to host the linky –

Week 1 – Nicole
Week 2 – Kate
Week 3 – Carly
Week 4 – Helen
Week 5 – Jacqui

You can link up from any of our blogs, and while the host of the week will comment on every post, we all will RT your posts.

We also have an #itsok Facebook Page and an #itsok Facebook Group where we’ll share not only the best posts from the link-up, but also the best real-parenting advice. If you’re on Pinterest, follow our Pinterest #itsok board to read the best posts linked up each week.

We can’t wait to have you join us, and read and support one another in our parenting journies. See you’ll on the 9th!!!


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