Gift your child a personal letter from Santa: Lapland Mailroom Review + Giveaway

There are three days in a year that Little Man looks forward to. His birthday, Halloween and Christmas. Now that the birthday is done with for the year, and Halloween will be over in the blink of a eye, Christmas is all there is to look forward to. The gift requests have started, as has the standard question: “How many more days till Christmas?”

But I can’t blame him, really. I love Christmas and all it’s sparkle (and goodies) too. There’s an inexplicable magical feeling in the air through December and even the dull weather is compensated by the lights and Christmas cheer.

So this year when I came across Lapland Mailroom, and it’s concept of sending kids personalised letters from Father Christmas, I knew I must review it – Little Man would be thrilled to receive a personal letter from Santa! (He still wants to meet him too – the real one that visits on Christmas Eve, not the one who sits in the grotto – but more on that, later…)

So I logged onto their website (so Christmassy – love it!!!) and was charmed by how simple the whole process was.



So you can first view all the letters (each written a bit differently, so if you have more than one child, they won’t have to get the same letter).

The letters are casual, fun and feel like Santa is really talking to your child. He talks about his long journey from the North Pole, his reindeer, the special treats your child left for him last year and even hints at the gift he *might* give your child on Christmas Eve. (The letters can be personalised, so you can fill in all the details accordingly). Each letter also includes a Nice Child List Certificate (now who wouldn’t want to be on Santa’s Nice List?!!!). There’s even an option for Baby’s First Christmas and a Letter and Activity Pack Package that includes a fun Christmas Activity pack.

Personalising the letters

Personalising the letters is as easy as filling in the relevant details online (like choosing the letter you want, the name, age and gender of your child and where he or she will be on Christmas Eve that year). Extra attention has been taken for every detail including whether your child refers to Santa as Santa Claus or Father Christmas (now that’s what I call real personalisation! These little things make a world of difference to excited little children) and what he or she kept out for Santa and his reindeer last year (whether it was carrots or cookies and milk).

What’s more, you can also include any special notes or praise for achievements at the end of the letter.



Just fill in the details, your postal and email address and voila! it’s done!!!

The letters start reaching your homes from the first week of December, building up the magic of Christmas for your children…

Disclosure: I will be receiving a personalised letter and activity pack in exchange for this review; but as always, all opinions expressed are my own.


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  1. Kim Neville

    These look wonderful. My son would love receiving a letter from Santa thanks ?

    1. Nicole

      Hope you’ve entered the giveaway for a chance to win! Good luck…

  2. Kim Neville

    My son would love receiving his own personalised Santa letter. Fantastic idea 🙂

  3. Naina Clayton

    Love this idea. Mine won’t be believing in Santa for much longer.

    1. Nicole

      It is a lovely idea indeed… hope you’ve entered the giveaway for a chance to win:)

  4. sarah m

    What a wonderful idea. My kids would be delighted to receive a letter from Santa! 🙂

    1. Nicole

      I’m sure:) Good luck!

  5. Naina Clayton

    I have, thankyou x

    1. Nicole

      Great! Good luck x

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