5 (toddler-related) reasons I love Christmas

Who doesn’t love Christmas? Lights, decorated christmas trees, christmas markets, mince pies and other treats, secret Santa gifts, a general air of festivity… I love it all. But after becoming a mum, I love Christmas all the more. Here are 5 toddler-related reasons why Christmas brings on the cheer!

1. Santa becomes a bait for good behaviour
This is a treasured reason for EVERY mum: Santa Claus becomes our best friend and bait. In the weeks leading to Christmas, you can make your child do (almost) ANYTHING you want, from eating all his greens to going to bed at a respectable time, because… ‘you better be good… ‘coz Santa Claus is coming to town…’




2. Deals! Deals! Deals!
Ok, so you don’t need to be a mum to like a deal or a sale, but hey, it’s all the more fun useful when you’ve got a kiddo. You see, a child likes toys – a LOT – and wants more of them at regular intervals. So what better time to buy them cheaper and stock up? Your kid won’t know (or care) that you bought him a toy in December and presented it to him in July!


3. Christmas trees in November
The countdown to Christmas is almost as exciting as the event itself. And ever since Little Man began understanding what Christmas is about (I’m talking Santa, tree and gifts, not the Nativity story), Christmas has been making its presence felt sooner and sooner in our home. He is so excited to put up the tree that we have it up by the third week of November! And I love it just as much. Sure takes away the gloom that the dark winter evenings bring.



Our tree at home

4. Bigger biscuit tins and smaller guilt quotient
Who doesn’t like a biscuit, now? My son LOVES them, and so do I… digestives dipped in my afternoon tea; jam-n-cream ones as a mid-afternoon snack; chocolate cookies at night when you’re plonked in front of the telly… ok, I digress here. Point is, both me and my son enjoy LOVE biscuits but obvs we don’t indulge as often (“biscuits are not food, dear” and “biscuits make me fat!!!”), but Christmas is a time when it’s ok to let loose a bit, indulge a bit more and say ok just because its that merry time of year. And when the biscuit tins double and triple in size, can we really resist?




5. Wearing reindeer jumpers
It’s cute when your toddler wears a red Santa jumper and green pants. Not so cute when you do. EXCEPT during the Christmas season when it’s OK to dress a little more colourful and crazy. So go all out and indulge the kid in you – wear that reindeer jumper and match your colourful toddler.






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  1. Claire - Life, Love and Dirty Dishes

    Kids definitely bring back the magic. Love the new look site Nicole. Merry Christmas. Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics. Hope you’ll be linking again in 2017

    1. Nicole

      Yeah, you’re right… kids do bring back the magic:)

      Glad you like the new site, thank you for all your help and advice and yes, see you & FF in 2017!

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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