Make your living room luxurious without the price tag

Ever get that feeling that your living room is looking a little tired? Or worn out? Don’t worry, everyone gets the urge to make huge changes to their living spaces. However, often, the main limiting factor is budget. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore, as this post is going to show you ways you can make your living room feel luxurious without spending a huge amount of money.

Bring In Some New Fabrics

So you have a great looking sofa that has a timeless style, but you want to give it a fresh look. Simply adding a cost- effective throw can make a real statement and make your sofa look exciting again. Another simple thing to do is to change the fabric you have on your curtains or roman blinds. Due to the fact that you have everything else, such as the brackets or curtain track, you can cost effectively replace just the fabric.



Get The Lighting Just Right

Take a look at the current lighting in your room and consider if you could change it to provide a more texture-filled and colourful space. Floor lamps make for an ideal choice for living rooms – not only are they extremely functional, but are a great accessory to a room. Using large arched lamps and positioning them over chairs or coffee tables will add to the luxurious feel whilst also being extremely functional.



Roll Out The Rugs

Having the right rug in your room can make a huge difference. Of course, the bigger the rug, the better the impact, giving the illusion that your room has a lot more space. If you have a neutral colour scheme throughout your room, then you might want to utilise the rug to bring in a vibrant burst of colour.

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Rearrange Your Room Layout

Although it might seem obvious, changing the layout of your living room can have a really positive impact. There are a few things to consider when doing this – don’t plan your room around the TV, always be aware of corners and give yourself space behind your sofa instead of pushing it right up against the wall. This will add depth into your space.

The best way to check if the new layout works for your room is to take a picture of it. This way you can see if anything stands out or looks odd and rearrange to make sure everything looks perfect.

Bring The Outside In

Having plants inside your home instantly brings life to an empty space. Large and tall indoor plants can be a welcoming addition to a living room and will help ensure the air you are breathing is purified. Those with lush, beautiful foliage, such as an Arecca Palm is the ideal choice.



Disclosure: This is a guest post by Blinds By Post – an online retailer, backed by over 25 years’ experience in the Window Blind manufacturing trade. They are a family-run business based in Baildon, West Yorkshire.

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