The Importance of Self-Care in the Post-Natal Period

We’re all brought up to believe that having children is a wonderful, magical experience, and it absolutely is. The feelings of joy and excitement that come with welcoming a new life into the world and thinking about the happy family future ahead are simply unparalleled.

However, if we’re being totally honest, there are a whole lot of challenges that come with having kids as well. These issues aren’t talked about anywhere near as often as the happy side of pregnancy, but they do exist.

The pains and discomforts of pregnancy aren’t easy for any women to deal with, and the actual act of childbirth can be one of the most painful things we ever experience. Once it’s over, many women like to think the hard part is out of the way, but the truth can be different.

Statistics from the WHO show pretty much all new moms are at risk of mental health problems like severe stress and depression during the post-natal period. It’s a serious issue, and it affects a lot of people, but there are ways to fight back.



Looking After Yourself After Having A Baby

One of the big traps many new moms fall into is putting 100% of their time, focus, effort, and energies into their baby and forgetting to actually look after themselves. Don’t forget, you and your body have just been through a lot of physical changes.

Your body has undergone immense changes over the past nine months and you’ve also had to live through childbirth. In the same way that your little baby is starting their life, the post-natal period needs to be seen as a new life for you as well.

Physically and mentally, new moms are in fragile states and this is why self-care is so important and you simply have to take a little time whenever and however you can to look after yourself.

Self-Care Methods for New Moms

  • Exercise – One of the best ways to feel better is to look better. Most new moms want to get back to their pre-pregnancy bodies. That can take some time and a lot of work, but there are ways to work out and get back in shape.
  • Eat Well – Healthy eating is vital at any stage of life, but especially after having a baby. Your body needs lots of nutrients to start recovering from the pregnancy.
  • Date Nights – Organizing date nights with your partner every now and then is a nice way to keep the romance and intimacy of your relationship alive. Cook a nice meal and maybe even give each other some gifts. For her, a luxury bath product set. For him, a luxurious eau de parfum like inspired by Aventus.
  • Indulge – Little indulgences and comforts can be hard to come by for new moms, but it’s essentially to take moments whenever you can to just relax by running yourself a bath or eating your favourite foods.

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