5 truths I learnt as a New Mum

5 Truths I learnt as a New Mum

Alternative titles for this post could be…
What I wish I knew before becoming a Mum…
Nobody ever told me…

5 Truths I learnt as a New Mum

1. You know there will be sleepless nights. Its understood. But you will never know how utterly earth-shatteringly horrible sleep deprivation feels till you experience it. As a mother. With a newborn baby. You just have to go through it to understand.

sleep meme

2. Breastfeeding is hard. And painful. And not always successful. We naive mums-to-be assume it will just happen, like the fairy-tale images we see of newborns suckling on their mothers, and feel it will be soooo beautiful. The reality is that latching on isn't always easy, your milk will not always let-down immediately and it's bloody painful. Oh, and there's also mastitis. .Antenatal classes make breastfeeding sound so natural, but it's hard work!

3. Who knew you had to sleep train a baby? I mean, isn't sleep an innate ability??? Potty training, I get. But what's to learn about shutting your eyes and sleeping? Especially when you're a baby and have no agenda besides milking your mum and pooing it out later?

Baby sleeping

If only it was so idyllic!

4. You can't do everything and you can't be perfect. As a new mum, you will experience levels of exhaustion you've never felt before. You've carried a human being inside of you for nine months, got him/her out of you in a not-so-slick manner, and are breastfeeding 24/7 – your hormones are a mess, your body is in pain and you are surviving on four or five hours of sleep. So don't try and be Superwoman. Heck, you already are, just re-read this paragraph and see what you've done! It's ok if the dishes pile up while you take a nap. The laundry's not going anywhere; you can do it tomorrow. You don't have to cook a three-course meal every night. And it's ok if you co-sleep sometimes. Or give baby a bottle because your boobs are just too sore. Don't fret – in your baby's little world, you ARE perfect.

brain caricature

5. Go with the flow because change is the only constant. In the first year of your baby's life, he or she will go through tonnes of physical and emotional developments. From being a helpless newborn to being a walking, talking toddler, every week will present a new phase, skill or emotion. If you've overcome one challenge, don't be smug because another one will be lurking behind. Babies change as unpredictably as the English weather so just go with the flow.

Anything you learnt/ realised after becoming a mother? Something you wished you knew before? I'd love to hear what it is!

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  1. bigandpinkytoes

    Yes to #5. Right when we get in a new routine someone starts teething or something and everything is thrown out of whack.

  2. Mims

    Lovely! So well written !!

  3. Reshma

    I learnt that Karma can be a b**** and what you did as a child comes around to bite you on your bottom in the form of a little baby! Hahaha!

    1. Nicole

      Hahaha that’s hilarious! Explains a lot lol

  4. OddHogg

    Nodding along to all of those! I’ve learnt that you NEVER get used to poop getting on to your finger. Ever. #bestandworst

  5. Assemco

    Yes to number 5, mine are now 7, 5 and 3 years old so the baby days are long gone really, and although things get easier there is always just another hurdle to climb. And the number of parents to teens and older children that tell me that it doesn’t get easier is just depressing! x

    1. Nicole

      Haha. It never ends, does it! Thanks for reading

  6. Sarah Howe (@RunJumpScrap)

    Agree with all these lovely and I’m bricking it as have another on the way! It will be the sleep or lack of that kills me…with a toddler. lol. However, we all do it so fingers crossed will be ok! xx Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

    1. Nicole

      Oh how exciting. Good luck. Yes, we mums always manage, but I hope its all smooth sailing for you. Thanks for hosting!!!

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