Superheroes. Cars. Speed. Let your imagination run wild! Herodrive Vehicles Review

When it comes to toys, Little Man has three special loves – superheroes, Legos and cars. So when we were asked to review the Herodrive Vehicles from Funrise International, I couldn't say no – coz these free-wheeling fun vehicles combine cars and superheroes! DC Comics Superheroes cars, to be precise.

We were gifted the Batman Police Car Mash Machine and the Superman, Batman, The Flash and The Joker Speed Squad Minis for review and needless to say Little Man is in toy heaven…

Mash Machines

Considering his current goal in life is to be a policeman (ideally, a superhero, but he knows the gang aren't 'real'), the Batman Police Car is ideal (a superhero driving a cop car – perfect combination!). A simple push of a button – Batman's Bat symbol nonetheless – and the car whizzes away, flashing its siren lights while the Batman tune sounds in the background. The perfect backdrop for crusading the streets of Gotham city!

If your kid is as huge a superhero fan as mine, then it's worth collecting the other Mash Machines too – Superman Fire Engine, Flash Motorcycle, AquaMan Rescue Racer and the Joker Ice Cream truck.

Speed Squad Minis

The Speed Squad Minis (2.5 inch vehicles) are as much fun – just in a miniature size! These free-wheeling PVC vehicles featuring Batman, Superman, The Flash and The Joker (available as singles or as a 4-pack) are a fun way to speed through the streets of Gotham City or Metropolis. Adventure, action and speed awaits as these mini superhero vehicles lead to hours of endless fun. 



The Speed Squad is also available in a bigger size. There's also the Signal Squad, Power Pals and a super cool Batman Racer. For more information on the Herodrive Vehicle brand, visit These vehicles are perfect for ages 3-6 (I'd say beyond, because, hey, who doesn't love a superhero?!) and are on sale now in ASDA. Selected items are also available on Amazon. And we hear more items are launching soon so there's lots more superhero action in the making!


Disclosure: I was gifted the items to review; however, as always, all opinions are my own.


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