5 ‘Superhero’ Rules for Toddlers

Little Man is completely into superheroes (super eeros as he pronounces them) these days. Not just the Original Three (Superman, Spiderman, Batman) but the whole lot. Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Ant-Man, Flash. Even the rather obnoxious Deadpool!!! Plus all the sub-superheroes (as I call them), part of the popular Avengers series: Wasp, Hawkeye, Vision etc. etc. (I’m still learning, from Little Man nonetheless!). Then there are the three superheroes (whose existence I didn’t even know of until the start of this year, when Little Man chanced upon them on YouTube) who go by the name of PJ Masks. What’s with the strange name you ask? Well, they are three friends who transform into superheroes at night when they put on their PJs!!! Beat that!!! As Little Man told me: “The red guy is Owlette, the blue guy is Catboy, and the green guy is Gekko.”

So as Little Man goes around imitating his new ‘heroes’, fighting the “bad guys” and saving the world, a brilliant (or so I think) idea dawned upon me. What if I told him he too could become a superhero like his idols if he did good things, like eat his vegetables and went to bed on time? Or make him believe that Iron Man and gang do the same things, and thus achieve superhero status? So I devised my own 5 Superhero Rules for Toddlers (*flashes evil-smug-happy smile*). Feel free to borrow…


1. Eating vegetables and other healthy foods will make you strong like Hulk

Veggies, fruits, milk, lentils, chicken, fish, eggs – whatever it is that I want Little Man to eat, is what superheroes eat to become strong and get muscles. Didn’t you know Hulk is green because he eats spinach?
(*Laughs picturing Hulk eating lentil-spinach soup*).



 2. Superheroes go to bed early to refuel their special powers

I have to admit, my new PJ Mask friends make this a tad easier for me. I tell Little Man that once he wears his PJs and crawls into bed, he is building up his supply of superhero powers. This doesn’t always work since bedtime is terror at our house, but it does provide some food for thought. Maybe someday…



3. School helps you develop special superhero traits like X-Ray vision

On days (especially after a fun weekend or a trip away) when Little Man doesn’t want to go to school, I ask him with my most serious face how then will he learn all the superhero tricks of the trade such as getting X-Ray vision (Exer Vision, as Little Man calls it) like Superman? Helps. (*I then chuckle at the thought of his pre-school teachers having X-Ray vision*).



4. Cardinal rule of all superheroes: Brushing Teeth

Brushing teeth is another epic thing in our house. It involves protests, pleading, shouting, threatening, mouth-not-opening, mouth-being-forcefully-opened… you get the picture. So I now tell him that ALL superheroes brush their teeth EVERY MORNING AND NIGHT; else they will get big black holes called cavities in their teeth, which will lead to the pulling out of their teeth, taking away their super powers. Gets the job done (with a little less resistance).


5. Biscuits and cakes are treats, even for superheroes

It must be his developing palette coupled with his strong(er) developing willpower and of course, the tantruming characteristic of being a threenager, but Little Man now demands biscuits and cakes on a regular basis. “I want a snack”, he states. “An apple or some cheese?”, I offer. “How about an Oreo?”, he tries his luck. “I don’t have Oreos”, I state. “Do you have cake?” he asks with all seriousness. I then go on a big spiel about how superheroes don’t eat biscuits, chocolates and cake often because it robs them off their superpowers.


Little Man’s most-apt tee at the moment!


So, whilst Little Man believes in the power of his superheroes, I am milking all that I can from this new-found love. After all, I do survive the constant viewing of these strange men on my telly, day in and day out, and even battle the ‘bad guys’ together with Little Man during our pretend-games. So something’s gotta give!


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  1. Emma Island Living 365

    Oh my goodness you are a GENIUS! I am stealing the cake one #FridayFrolics

    1. Nicole

      Hahaha. You are welcome! Might as well use these ‘heroes’ to our advantage;)

  2. Jeremy Barnes

    We love all things super hero here also, and I’ve also used some of these rules. PJ Masks actually gave me some problems as mine was afraid that if she went to sleep she’d miss the time when her powers were really needed. Its always something, isn’t it? #fridayfrolics

    1. Nicole

      OMG that’s a smart realisation, must say! Yes, there is always something, you’re so right. Thanks for popping by…

  3. Barrie Bismark

    That’s a cute idea! Making them think they are super heros! Very cute!

    1. Nicole

      Thank you and thanks for reading:)

  4. Claire - Life, Love and Dirty Dishes

    Brilliant. When the big one went through his superhero phase we had major tears of disappointment after we got him his first superhero costume and it didn’t give him the power to fly! #FridayFrolics

    1. Nicole

      Aww bless. Love their innocence and belief in everything. That must have been a real disappointment for him!

  5. Jaime

    Clever idea! Out little guy is still just a bit young for some of this, but I’m saving this as ideas for the future!

    1. Nicole

      Lol…Please do;) Thanks for reading

  6. Jenny @ Unremarkable Files

    Pro mom move! Exploit their passions for your benefit.

    1. Nicole

      Yeah, we live n’ learn don’t we?;) Thanks for reading

  7. Alana - Burnished Chaos

    Great idea. Unfortunately my son has never been into superheroes, he’s recently got into Star Wars but only identifies with the dark side so anything associated with superheroes and the lightside is bad. Basically I’m screwed ?

    1. Nicole

      Oh dear, now that’s a pickle lol! Maybe you’ve gotta think out of the box now, eh?;)
      Thanks for reading!

  8. Amanda Blackburn

    My son is 6 and he loves all things Superhero!
    I do to and shall be using your ideas because they are great and so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Nicole

      Thanks for reading! Here’s to superheroes!!!;)

  9. Talya

    LOL we use the super hero trick all the time – with varying degrees of success. Are they all going to hate us when they discover they will never really be a super hero no matter how many veggies they eat?!! thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely xoxo

    1. Nicole

      Yikes, never thought of that!
      But until then… veggies make Hulk strong;)

  10. Annette, 3 Little Buttons

    Loving all these super hero rules. The bedtime for recharging is genius! I may have to pinch that for tomorrow’s bedtime. Thank you for sharing with the #DreamTeam.

    1. Nicole

      Hahaha, thank you! Feel free to flick the ideas:)

  11. Mrs Mummy Harris

    I love this! similar to when i was little i believed my stepmum could feel how full i was and shed tell me she knew there was a space in my tummy enough for another mouthful so id eat a bit more dinner haha! i totally used it on my niece and will so do this with Ben!!

    1. Nicole

      Hahaha, that's a smart idea too! Oh our innocent little ones, what kind of stuff we tell them!!! Thanks for popping by…

  12. fridgesays

    #dreamteam #marvmonday tbh i cant help but agree, ive seen all of the Marvels and have never seen Captain America eating sweets? so, yes it makes great sense to me. i hope the little one buys it to, good Mummy super smart power! 

  13. Nicole

    Lol… thank you!!! He does buy most of it… so far! Thanks for popping over…

  14. Marko @ Parent Support Hub

    Fantastic article! But once he figures you out, you’re going to be in a big trouble. 😀 Just kidding.:D Great ideas. Too bad this doesn’t work for girls. 🙂

    1. Nicole

      Yeah I guess once he finds out, it’s game over:( But I’m making the most of it while it lasts;)
      Maybe you could try it with princesses and their magical powers for your daughter? Thanks for stopping by…

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