‘CAR’dinal rules (or how to ‘play cars’ with a toddler)

You will be forgiven for thinking hubster and I have a car collection within our house. But before you ask how much the viewing tickets are, let me clarify…

Yes, there are over 50 cars

Yes, there’s a Beetle, a Land Rover and a Mini Cooper.

There are cars of different shapes, sizes and colours; some convertibles too

And if you fancy a bit of quirkiness, you can even see a tractor, a cement mixer and a bulldozer. Or is it a digger? Whatever! Oh, and an autorickshaw as well!!!


They are ALL toys (except the one REAL car we have, which takes us to REAL places)

And they ALL belong to Little Man

Hubster loves cars – and I don’t know how though I do know when (around 1 year, 3 months) – Little Man has also got an innate love for and interest in cars. It just happened. We didn’t buy him loads of cars (until of course, we realised his fascination for them); they weren’t the only toys he was exposed to (he had the usual baby toys like these) and it’s not like we went for long drives every other day. IT JUST HAPPENED.

And so, slowly, his room, the living room, the entire house was brimming with Little Man’s colourful cars. And we all had to “play cars” with him. He made the rules, we just had to nod in agreement. Dare we make our own rules, oh no, then the police car will come catch us and we would be under arrest!


Here are the ‘rules’ for playing cars with a three-year-old, or at least my three-year-old.

1. I have a favourite car, but I am allowed to change my favourite car every few days

2. I – and only I – can hold the favourite car (whichever it might be). You cannot even touch it

3. You can, however, hold the car I choose for you.

4. Correction: You MUST hold the car I choose for you, and then follow my lead

5. You are NOT permitted to touch the other cars while playing, except the one I have given you

6. I decide where our road/ racetrack will be today – the bed, the window sill, the floor or the sofa

7. No, you cannot choose your own path; you must follow me and do as I say

8. Taking on from the previous point, I expect sound effects. ‘Nino Nino‘ if it’s a police car/ fire engine/ ambulance; vroom vroom if its a regular car or motorbike and voooooooooo if it’s a race car

9. It is understood that I – and only I – can win a race. Every. Time. Be warned: I am a very bad loser and will ask for a re-race just so I can win.

10. I am allowed to use your leg/arm/face/back/tummy as my racetrack, if the need arises

11. Add-ons are welcome, such as cones on the road, an unexpected traffic jam, a police car chasing the car that’s going fast… well done, bonus points to you

12. If I arrange my cars in a particular order, they cannot be re-arranged under any circumstances

13. There can be no loo breaks – for you or me. Learn to hold it in, like I do

14. I can and WILL change the rules according to my whim and fancy

15. Why have you stopped your car? The game isn’t over until I say it’s over…


Claire over at Life, Love and Dirty Dishes has also written her set of rules for playing cars with a toddler. And it’s howlarious! Do check it out!!!


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  1. Lisa Pomerantz

    Yes, they do 'drive' early on, dont they! Hilarious! Great post.

  2. The Tale of Mummyhood

    Haha this made me smile, we definitely get the 'it isn't over until I say it is' face in this house!  Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

    1. Nicole

      Yeah, the little bosses make all the rules, don't they?!

  3. Claire - Life, Love and Dirty Dishes

    I can well relate!  Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

    1. Nicole

      🙂 Boys and their toys, indeed!

  4. Jeremy-Thirstydaddy

    sounds about right. And whatever car you happen to pick up will be the very car that they absolutely have to have #fridayfrolics

    1. Nicole

      Exactly! They always need what we have! Thanks for popping over.

  5. Silly Mummy

    Haha! Love the rules of toddler games! My Uncle has hundreds of toy cars. He is not a toddler – no excuse! Thanks so much for joining us for #FridayFrolics

    1. Nicole

      Lol. Glad you culd relate anyways;)

  6. Catherine

    Love it! I have two little girls so cars don't feature that much but we have similar rules about My Little Ponies 🙂

    1. Nicole

      I'm sure the Little Ponies must have their own rules of play:) thanks for popping over!

  7. My Petit Canard

    I loved reading this. Its funny the games little ones make up and the rules that go with them. Our little guy who is only 8 months old has already taken a fascination with thomas the tank engine so I wouldnt be surprised if we're playing similar games to you this time next year 😉 Fab post, thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

    1. Nicole

      Thanks so much. Yes, it's amazing how their imagination takes them places:) Thomas – another favourite! I'm sure you'll have your own rules soon!

  8. Harry's Honest Mummy

    I wish I had read this a few months ago as I have fallen foul of them a few times now 🙂

    Really made me giggle  #TheList

    1. Nicole

      Thanks for reading:)

  9. The Helpful Hiker

    Ha love it! I've got a car mad two year old, you've got to love toddler rules #TheListLinky

    1. Nicole

      Love em or hate em, we sure can't ignore them! Thanks for stopping by…

  10. Lucy At Home

    Hehe oh yes! Spot on! My toddler never seems happy with the sound effects I make – she’s always showing me how it “should” sound! #blogcrush

    1. Nicole

      Hahahaha, cute!

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