10 Giveaway Signs you’re a New Mum

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1. Deep bags under bloodshot eyes. Dark circles at their worst. Sleep deprivation makes you look dreadful and terrifying!

2. You live in your PJs, sometimes progressing to loose track pants.

3.Taking a minimum of 20 pictures of your newborn every hour. Not that the little munchkin is posing or anything, but you just have to capture every moment. Even though 18 of the 20 pictures look exactly the same!

4.Posting above pictures on Facebook/Whatsapp. When you could have been sleeping instead to get rid of those dark circles.

5.Being ‘online’ at strange hours of the night. Replying to whatsapp texts, updating your status message on Facebook (bet it’s something about motherhood) or posting those pictures you clicked this morning.

6.Frequently checking in on your newborn while he’s sleeping, just to make sure he’s still breathing. (Thank you Internet for all those warning articles on SIDS!)

7.Nervous face on your first outing with baby – ALONE. On the tube. In the supermarket. At a playgroup. Anywhere.

8.Talking about poop, googling baby poop, discussing colour, texture and frequency of baby poop on Internet forums or WhatsApp.

9. Feeling like a cow. Or as a friend aptly said, an ATM (Any Time Milk) machine.

10. Staring endlessly at your sleeping baby, scrutinising every minute part of his face and body.

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