Thanksgiving: From a mother to her son…

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I decided to pen a rather soppy post to my son – Little Man as you’ll might know him – to thank him for so many things. For bringing so much joy and happiness to our lives, for teaching me things I never knew before and for making me a better person and the best mother I can be.

I’ve also thanked him for all the un-important, useless and not-so-amazing things that he has taught me, so after the wet tissues you can enjoy a little laugh as well!

So here goes, a Thanksgiving letter from a mother to her son…


The Soppy bits…


Thank you for teaching me patience. That is something I have always struggled with, but being a mother has taught me to do things at your pace and not mine. I have learned to let you finish your sentence and express yourself, even if you took your time to learn the correct words or pronunciations. I have learned to let you take your sock out again and again before putting it on correctly, rather than just doing it for you the first time.

Thank you for teaching me to appreciate the little things, and not just search aimlessly for the bigger picture. I am always in a rush to reach you to school on time, I don’t notice the lovely things around until you point them out to me. The beautiful red Autumn leaf, the conkers that have dotted the ground, the bird that’s chirping in the background.

Thank you for letting me be a kid again. I jump in heaps of Autumn leaves with you, enjoying the crunch of the leaves beneath my feet. I go down slides with you. I have spontaneous dance parties at home with you.



Thank you for boosting my confidence. I was as terrified as I was excited when I first brought you home from the hospital. I doubted my ability to look after you. What if something happened to you – you were so tiny? I remember the first time I ventured out of the house with you alone. By public transport. I didn’t think I could make it…
But now I’ve travelled overseas alone with you (read here for tips on travelling by air with a baby/toddler), cared for you when you were sick and looked after you when you fractured your elbow. I’ve survived tearful drop-offs, public tantrums and the lot. I am a confident mum.

Thank you for giving me and teaching me about unconditional love. Even after I shout at you, you still come hug me through your tears. You forgive and forget, even though I take my time. You make me feel a love so strong and so deep, it is irreplacable.


The Funny stuff…


Thank you for introducing me to the world of super-heroes and patiently teaching me all their names. Up until last year I only knew Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk. Now I know Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Black Widow, Red Tornado, Aquaman etc etc etc and all their enemies (Black Manta, Abomination, Lex Luthor etc etc etc). I’m quite the cool mum now aren’t I?

Thank you for re-kindling my love for Lego. If I may say so, I sometimes excel my own expectations and love what I create with you!


My version of a cool pirate ship

Thank you for giving me so many excuses to drink wine (I am genuinely thanking you here!!!)


The So-Not-Thankful for parts…


Darling, I have NEVER been a morning person (as you probably might have guessed by now), but ever since becoming your Mummy, I have had to become an early riser. And as your father rightly points out, a grumpy one! It is cute how you say stuff like “Sleep is so boring” but darling, please, please, please sleep in a little later. At least on the weekends.



The constant feeling of being tired. You were born 4 years back and I’ve forgotten what it is like to not be tired. Some days, I wake up tired!!!

Your tantrums. I know they are a part and parcel of childhood and a means to express yourself but God have I had enough of them. The Terrible Twos, the Threenage years and now the Fours. I am not appreciative of those screaming moments at all.

And lastly, the Momguilt. I simply HATE it. It creeps up on me all the time, following me around like an unwanted shadow. I know I should give myself a pat on the back every now and then, but I guess I love you too much for it to leave me alone…


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  1. Fi - Beauty Baby and Me

    This is just gorgeous I love it! I love any reason to give thanks – it’s a shame we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving over here xx #coolmumclub

    1. Nicole

      Thank you so much:) Always nice to think about everything we should be grateful for. We tend to forget in the hustle and bustle of daily routine.

  2. Lisa - Little Orange Dog

    Fabulous post. I love thinking of you jumping in those leaves. Nice touch with the not thankful bit at the end, that made me smile. #ThursdayTeam x

    1. Nicole

      This is such a lovely comment. Thank you so much:) Thanks for stopping by…
      PS: Jumping in those leaves is honestly quite liberating.

  3. MMT

    This is brilliant and shows every shade of parenting right there! Argh – the tiredness! Just WHEN does that ever go?! 😉

    Thanks so much for linking to #coolmumclub

    1. Nicole

      Thanks Sarah, lovely comment there:)
      And seriously, when (if at all) does the tiredness end?

  4. Maria | passion fruit, paws and peonies

    This is beautiful and open. You lovingly express all sides of being a mummy. It was lovely to read x #Blogstravaganza

    1. Nicole

      Thank you so much Maria…

  5. Cheshire SEN Tutor

    This is lovely! Really put a smile on my face this morning. Kids bring out the best in us don’t they! #blogcrush

    1. Nicole

      Thank you. They bring out the best (and sometimes the not-so-nice side) out too:)

  6. Siobhan

    Lovely post! I’m still working on the patience bit lol, and am now an expert on Paw Patrol and Bing… but overall, I’m pretty damn thankful for her! x #FridayFrolics

    1. Nicole

      Thanks Siobhan. Yeah, the patience bit is hard bloody work – I still loose my s*%t most days!

  7. The Tale of Mummyhood

    This is a lovely post, our little people definitely give us so much to be thankful for! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

    1. Nicole

      So correct Zoe – despite the tears and tantrums and sleepless years, they are a real blessing and bring so much joy and happiness:)

  8. Emma

    I’m with you on the tiredness front. So tired, I think I spend most of my life sleepwalking but they are worth it. I’ve also learnt something new, there is an Aquaman!! I need to know more about this superhero #FridayFrolics

    1. Nicole

      Hahaha, believe me when I say there are so many superheroes and supervillains now, it’s tough to keep track! Aquaman is quite cool though!

  9. Claire - Life, Love and Dirty Dishes

    I thought having a second boy would mean I would have everuthing nailed. I already new every car from Cars. Except Little had other ideas and is all about the trains. But i now make an awesome wooden track circuit! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

    1. Nicole

      Ah, the joys of mothering boys:) Go you on that wooden track circuit;)

  10. Kirsty

    This is such a beautiful post Nicole. I think children teach us such amazing things about ourselves and the world around us. Most vital being the names of all the superheros! Thank you for joining us at #ThursdayTeam

    1. Nicole

      Thanks Kirsty:)

  11. Alice | Letters to my Daughter

    Haha, I’m with you on the sleep thing! What a beautiful message for your son. It’s lovely to take the time to notice and appreciate these things that could otherwise so easily pass you by. #BlogCrush

    1. Nicole

      Thank you Alice. And yes, you’re so right, we (adults) are so caught up in the mundane activities of day-to-day life we cease to see the beauty in simple things.

  12. Silly Mummy

    Aww how lovely! Funny though as I have always been a very patient person who seems to have become less patient since having kids! Thanks so much for joining us for #FridayFrolics

    1. Nicole

      Hahaha Lucy, I get you on the patient person becoming less patient. Some (most?) days I am that person too!

  13. Peachy and Peachy's Mommy

    Sweet and honest. Very well written. Thanks for sharing with #Blogstravaganza.

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