Essential tips for keeping Mum’s car running…

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Most mums consider their car to be their second home. After all, we do spend a considerable amount of time driving our kid/s to and from school/ swimming/ football/ ballet or whatever other class. Then there’s the weekly trip to the supermarket and the weekend birthday parties to attend. It’s also not surprising to find a whole load of stuff that permanently stays in ‘Mum’s car’ – I, for one, always keep some toys in the car for when my son gets bored.

Imagine what would happen if ‘Mum’s car’ broke down one day? How would the family function? What would happen to the precision-timed routine? That’s why it’s essential to maintain your car well – especially during the winter months – to prevent your car from failing you.




Do these checks at least once a month

1. Tyre care

Check the tyre pressure regularly – this is more likely to change during the cold months so be aware.

Also do periodic checks for tears on the outer wall of the tyres.

2. Engine care

It is good practice to check that the brake fluid and coolant is at optimum level.

Make sure there is enough washer fluid, especially in the winter months when you will use it more. (Also keep an ice-scraper handy for those frosty/ snowy mornings).

Don’t ignore annual services and checks

Get your car serviced and checked periodically; if you suspect a problem, don’t wait till your next service. It might seem a minor problem to you but could result in an accident. Get it checked and resolved immediately. For more details, visit

Remember your MOT check.

Don’t forget to clean under the carseat

Accept that your kids will eat in the car. Accept that there will be crumbs everywhere. But a casual sweep or dusting off will not do – every few days make sure you vacuum under and around the carseat as well as in between crevices. The last thing you want in your car are ants, insects and foul smells!

Make sure you have these in your car at all times

1. Puncture repair kit

I swear by the puncture repair kit (a compact can that fixes a puncture in seconds) and always keep one in my boot. Of course it’s a temporary fix but it doesn’t leave you stranded when you have a puncture.

2. Glass breaker

If you’re ever in an accident and your doors get jammed, this could be the difference between life and death.

3. First-aid kit

Another thing that you will always find in my car. You never know when you will need one, and with kids, it’s sensible to keep one at hand.

4. Folder with all your car documents/ insurance papers etc

So that it’s all in one place when you need it.

Also keep important/ emergency numbers at hand, so you can easily access them in case of an emergency. This is important information to keep handy.

Make sure your car is child-friendly

  • Remember to activate the child lock – toddlers have a habit of fiddling around with the doors.
  • Ensure your child is in the correct stage carseat and that it has been installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Keep children’s first-aid materials in your car’s first-aid kit.
  • A bag of non-perishable snacks and small toys is great for keeping hunger and boredom at bay when stuck in traffic or rushing from place to place.

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