The ‘Four’nado has arrived!

I thought my labour was tough.

Then when we brought Little Man home, and I realised the massive responsibility of looking after and raising a little human, I was overwhelmed.

Breastfeeding was difficult.

The sleepless nights were a daze.

The Terrible twos are named so for a reason.

The Threenage stage saw Little Man throw some of the worst tantrums.

So when he turned four, I thought I was done with the hardships (haha, who was I kidding?!). I assumed that since my Little Man was now growing up, could express himself clearly and was more-or-less independent, life would be relatively smooth-sailing from now on.

Except, I didn’t realise a FOURNADO was about to hit!

The Fours are just as challenging (as I found out) for different reasons.

1. The Tantrums don’t go away; they are just accompanied by back-answering!

Yeah, you read that right, the tantrums only get louder and more coherent (now that there is proper language instead of gibberish) but are far from going away. A four-year-old knows what he or she wants and will scream, shout and generally be a nuisance till heard.

2. Four-year-olds are sassy – and how!

Sassy, smarty-pants, over-confident, cheeky – call it whatever you wish but boy can a four-year-old show attitude!

‘You’re so silly, Mummy!’ or ‘C’mon, silly Daddy’ are common phrases in our house these days – Little Man’s not being rude, just a bit too cool for his age!

3. There are far too many questions – and the uncomfortable-to-answer type ones

Why do people die?

Why do you get blood Mummy? (referring to my period)

Can I wear that? (pointing to my bra)

Why do Daddy and I stand and pee?

Just some of the questions I’ve been asked by my four-year-old.

4. Emotions are all over the place

There are two extremes of emotions at play here – there can be extreme anger and frustration when things don’t go their way, but these little big humans can be so emotional too. The morning could see the biggest meltdown ever, but hours later there could be a showering of ‘I love you’s’ and ‘You’re the best Mummy ever’ and ‘I will miss you so much’. Just last night my little fournado told me I’m the “gorgeoust mummy”!!!

There can be tears and fears, happiness and sadness, anger and frustration and genuine love all in one day!


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  1. Stephanie ReadsWell

    This post contains such a great thought on motherhood. Motherhood is a long-lasting responsibility, and there is a pleasure in it.

  2. Mrs Lighty

    Ah no you’re meant to say it all gets easier, ha!!! I’ve got all this to come! Although loving the compliments and affection!! #DreamTeam xxx

    1. Nicole

      Yeah, there’s loads of attitude but loads of love and cuddles too:)

  3. Heather Keet

    I have no answers to those burning 4 year old questions! I’m now intrigued to find out how you even begin to answer them! #DreamTeam

    1. Nicole

      Sometimes, I just change the topic!!!

  4. Lucy At Home

    I reckon all the stages are filled with easy / lovely bits and stressful / exhausting bits. It doesn’t get easier – just different. But it’s still an amazing journey to be on. You’ve really captured this here – fab! #blogcrush

    1. Nicole

      You’ve said it perfectly Lucy – I agree, every stage has its ups and downs, it’s wonders and challenges. Every age is ‘different’ and as much a learning experience for us parents as it is for our kids.

  5. Annette, 3 Little Buttons

    Yes! Fournado’s are exactly like this. I remember this very well and had been looking forward to the mellow 5’s. Except no one warned me to expect the mighty mega fivecanos instead. Bless them! LOL. Thanks for joining us for the #DreamTeam with another fab post. xx

    1. Nicole

      Fivecanos – hahaha, love these terms. But god are they all true;)
      Thanks for your lovely comment Annette x

  6. Marylin

    Oh yes, I found four to be a very difficult age! It made me really look forward to the boys starting school so I could have some peace! 😉 After that I think really it’s only when they hit about 7/8 that they have another “difficult” phase. Or at least so far… my oldest will be 13 this summer so all bets are off then!

    1. Nicole

      Oh good to know it gets easier after the fournado:)
      You’re entering the teenager phase, good luck to you!!!;)

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