Don't be 'stuck up' this Christmas…

Deck the halls with boughs of holly…
'Tis the season to be jolly…

Yes, the Holidays will soon be upon us, and while we all love getting away (either to re-unite with family, escape to warmer climes or embrace the ski slopes), the one thing that takes the 'jolly' out of the holidays is the travel. As a mum, long plane journeys with a baby or toddler to keep entertained are my worst party-poopers. But horror of horror, what can be worse than that? A flight delay!!!



Imagine just waiting around at a crowded airport, in the winter chill, with a bored and cranky toddler, not sure when your flight will depart or if it will even depart at all! I've been there, experienced that and it still brings chills down my neck remembering the tormenting hours I was sat at that airport simply waiting. And so when I came across this interesting (or should I say shocking) article I thought it apt to share it in light of the upcoming Christmas holidays. Better to be warned than sorry, correct?

New research by the BBC has revealed the average flight delay figures and if you've ever wondered how long flight delays usually are, you're in for quite a surprise! The study used data from the Civil Aviation Authority, focusing on flights to and from the UK’s main airports between June and August 2015 and June and August 2016, to result in the following conclusions:

  • Gatwick is the UK’s top airport for outbound flight delays, racking up a staggering average of 27 minutes. Luton Airport came in at second place with an average delay time of 24 minutes.
  • When looking at Scottish airports, Edinburgh Airport experienced the longest average delay with 18 minutes. This was followed by Glasgow Airport with 17 minutes and Aberdeen airport with 14 minutes.

The research also looked at the airlines in the UK with the most flights, focusing on the top ten. The resulting data showed that:

  • EasyJet passengers suffered the longest delays, with an average of 24 minutes, with Thomas Cook and British Airways only slightly behind.
  • Aer Lingus has the least delays out of the top ten, with an average of 12 minutes.

To give them the benefit of the doubt, Gatwick and Easyjet commented that their high rankings of long delays was due to the fact that they operate a large number of flights to and from Europe; meaning they have more flights with a risk of delay. They also stated that a number of delays were outside of their control.


That doesn't make a difference to you or me, does it? Especially when you're stranded at an airport instead of sipping cocktails in the sun. That's where Flight Delay Compensation can be a bit of a stress-reliever. As I found out after my ordeal, if I suffer a flight delay, I could be entitled to claim compensation, which is awarded based on the delay or cancellation suffered with timings, inconvenience and cost being taken into consideration.

So while I don't wish any of you to be stranded at an airport in the run-up to Christmas, I thought I'd share this little snippet of information that made that long wait a wee bit better for me in the end. And on that note, here are some more useful tips for holidaymakers.

Happy Holidays!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post; as always, I write from the heart and just wanted to share this useful information. 

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