Valentine’s Gifts for Mum: A Gift Guide

I know, I know, Christmas is barely over and here you are faced with another gift guide! And another occasion. But hey, this one’s extra special as it’s Valentine’s Day (I’m not so much the mush V-day type of person, but this is a Valentine’s gift guide for mothers so sit up and take notice!). If you’re a dad, what’s that one special thing you can get for the woman who is raising your kids? If you’re a son or a daughter, surprise your mum this year by gifting her with something unique. And if you’re mum yourself – forward this post to those concerned and let them take it as a huge hint;)



Which woman would not appreciate beauty products on any occasion?! Especially a tired exhausted mum who has practically no time for self-care? A little pampering would be much appreciated…

Tri-Dosha – Pampering for the skin

I had reviewed Tri-Dosha’s all-natural, Ayurvedic products last year, and love them so much I thought I’d include them here as well. I had opted for 3 facial skincare products, which when used together are a complete package for the face.

There’s the Exfoliating Face Scrub (£23), the Balance Face Cream for Combination Skin (£36) and the Facial Oil – Happiness in a Bottle (£39). You can read my detailed review of them here.

But there’s plenty more on offer, from soothing balms to hydrating face masks and more, all suited to your individual skin type. Let’s call it personalised skin care for mum…




Natural Beauty Box – Aphrodisiacs in a bottle

This is a limited edition Valentine’s box of all-natural (even vegan) beauty products from the Natural Beauty Box. Priced at £24.95 with free delivery, the box contains the following:

Optiat ‘Hit the Sheets’ Vanilla Coffee Scrub £6.99

‘Ooh Oils of Heaven’ Moringa Face Oil £9.50

Fairy Pants Dry Skin Balm Orange & Vanilla £6.99

Benecos Peach Sorbet Nail Polish £6.95

PHB Mini Clarifying Shampoo £3.95

PHB Mini Clarifying Conditioner £3.95

But don’t be misguided by the fact that these products are all-natural – the Vanilla Coffee Scrub smells like a luxurious coffee shake and will leave you feeling so refreshed, you will want to, ahem, hit the sheets! After all, vanilla is considered to be an aphrodisiac…

The box comes with a pretty pink packaging and little paper hearts strewn around. Touche, mum would simply LOVE it!


Luxury knitwear by Susan Holton Knitwear

If you haven’t yet got your hands on one of Susan Holton’s knitwear, you’ve really been missing out. Her luxurious range of contemporary knitwear includes tunics, dresses, wraps, cardigans, sweaters, jackets, scarves and accessories. Crafted to perfection with a meticulous attention to design detail, her garments drape beautifully.

The long-line swing hem tunic/ dress or tunic/ waistcoat (featured below) is timeless, cross season and easy to dress up or down. Each colour is knitted in two-tone contrasting yarns to create a random subtle texture – so no two are ever quite alike. Just like mum.

Price: £139.50



If mum is all about wrapping up, then the Big Square Wrap (£175) is the perfect gift… style and comfort woven into one.

If you’re looking for something on a slightly lesser budget, the hand-painted silk ripple scarf makes for a beautiful gift at £65 and is available in a stunning range of colours.


The knitted hand-dyed silk-viscose bobble scarf is similarly priced, beautifully soft and light to wear.

These gorgeous stripy wrist-warmers in wool and silk are a steal at £23.50.

But while her knitwear is luxurious, it is also designed keeping the real woman in mind – there is something for women of all ages, sizes and shapes. Beautiful, wearable and versatile, each garment is individually knitted and hand finished, making every finished product unique and special. Just like mum…

For more designs and to view her entire range, visit find her on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.



Hersey & Son Silversmiths – Customised silver pendants 

Pendants just got personal with Hersey and Son’s new Mix & Match Pendants. Wear your initial and birthstone, or those of your other half; choose your favourite colour gemstone and match with an engraved locket; pick a moon or star pendant and pair it with the initials of your children and birthstone of your husband – the choices are infinite!

Sitting elegantly alongside each other, these pendants have been designed to fit together in a myriad of ways – so you can create your own story and keep those memories fresh!

Pendants from £30.

Locket with charms

Star with charms

Moon with charms

James Allen – Fine Jewellery at Affordable Prices

If you are shopping for a present for someone who loves bling, a diamond pendant would be an ideal gift. Besides being a stylish accessory to match outfits, a diamond pendant can also enhance the wearer’s neckline when chosen well.

James Allen offers a wide range of designs that cater to people with different budgets and preferences. Feel free to browse through their selections for yourself!

Pendants from £234

Halia Rose Silicone Jewellery – Stylish for mum, safe for baby

If you’re looking for a gift for a new mum, look no further than Halia Rose stylish silicone jewellery. These gems are colourful, beautiful and oh-so-practical for an active mum-on-the-run.

Besides being a stunning statement piece for day or night, Halia Rose jewellery is child-friendly too, as it can be used as a teething accessory to help soothe baby’s sore gums or even as a sensory object for curious babies (ideal for keeping baby from being distracted during breastfeeding). Durable, washable (can even be popped into the dishwasher!) and heat resistant, there’s something for every occasion, be it daily wear, a holiday at the beach or a night out with the other mums!

Necklaces range from £12.99-£15.99 and bracelets range from £6.99-£12.50. Gift sets are priced at £30.



Personalised gifts

The Book of Everyone – A heartfelt keepsake

I love the idea of The Book of Everyone – and I’m sure you will too. This makes an ultra-personal keepsake gift for any and every occasion, and guess what, it can be customised for your mum and for Valentine’s day! That’s a definite win-win.

This 50-page book can be personalised with special details, snippets and photographs of the special person you are gifting it to (in this case mum) and can even be customised according to the occasion (in this case Valentine’s day), making it a lovely celebration of the person you are gifting it to. And the best part – it can all be done online and is super quick and easy!

Just go to their online book generator platform, simply put in mum’s name, choose whether you want the words on each page to be heartfelt/ cheeky/ mushy/ etc, add in your favourite images and hit create. You can edit at every stage to further personalise the book. What’s more, each book is lovingly tailored to the special person you have in mind and is filled with curious facts and other miscellania, depending on the basic information you put in about the person (example date of birth).

So if you want to gift mum something that she will cherish forever, something that will make her laugh and really feel the love, there couldn’t be a more thoughtful gift than The Book of Everyone!

The Romantic Edition and The Book of Mum start from £23.95.


Lovely Little Gifts Co – Personalised cushion for mum

The Lovely Little Gifts Co is a ‘lovely’ little corner of the Etsy world that hand makes a range of gifts, each of which can be personalised.

I chose a cushion to feature in the gift guide (I love having pretty cushions around the house) and mum would love one with her favourite quote or picture or even her name on it, to relax against during some much-needed me-time. A practical, yet special gift.

To present mum with her own personalised cushion, visit The mini cushion is 25 cms in length and width and costs £14.


This is the cushion I chose for myself (as you can see, we’re a nutella family) but below are some other options


Cup of Love – Personalised cup for mum

Every mum loves her caffeine kick, be it her morning coffee or her afternoon cup of tea. And we all know it just doesn’t taste the same unless it’s in our special cup or mug. So why not gift mum a personalised cup by Cup of Love gifts to savour those precious moments?

I like this #momlife one, because that’s a hashtag I often use on my social media. Other fun and popular ones include:
Mumbun and getting stuff done
May your coffee be stronger than your toddler
Relaxing today, Adulting tomorrow
Busy growing a tiny human

All with a sense of humour that any mum would chuckle at!


Disclosure: I was given some of the items listed in the gift guide to review; however, all opinions are my own.

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    1. Nicole

      Thanks. Do try the beauty products here – quite a treat and great for the skin. Hope you have a pampered V-day;)

  13. Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...

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