The ultimate list of Pancake recipes for National Pancake Day (or any day!)

This Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday or as is more commonly known – National Pancake day. Now whether you will be fasting through Lent or not, it is, well, an official day to eat pancakes, so just go ahead and EAT THOSE PANCAKES! To make it easier for you, I’ve put together a list of pancake recipes – some healthy, some gluten-free, some vegan, some super-easy-and-quick and others that are just plain indulgent. So whether you’re looking for a breakfast option, or a savoury pancake dinner option, you’ll find it here! E.N.J.O.Y.



Healthy pancakes


This is a recipe I often use for a weekend breakfast (or mid-week breakfast treat). I love it because although it’s still pancakes, it’s super healthy comprising oats (always a winner at breakfast), bananas, eggs (a superfood in my books) and NO SUGAR OR WHITE FLOUR. Here’s my Easy-peasy (and healthy) pancake breakfast for mum n’ toddler.

Eva from Captain Bobcat has a similar recipe – here are her Quick Oaty Banana Mini Pancakes (No Milk).

And Nadine from Then I Became Mum shares her Banana and Peanut Butter Oat Pancakes. Another healthy and delicious option for breakfast – bananas and peanut butter, the ultimate mix!

Jules from Pondering Parenthood has this gluten-free pancake recipe because who said those allergic to gluten can’t enjoy the good stuff?

Then there’s Kirsty’s (Winnettes) scrumptious recipe for gluten-free vegan coconut pancakes. Now that sounds yum!

And last but definitely not the least is Laura from Savings 4 Savvy Mums who gives us this eggless, vegan and budget-friendly pancake recipe. You can make a whole batch for just 56p – WOW!


Super-easy-and-quick-to-make pancakes


Luschka from Keeper of the Kitchen shares her Quick Pancake Mix Recipe as she believes (and rightly so) that store-bought commercial pancake mixes have a whole load of unnecessary and unhealthy stuff.

Amy from All About a Mummy uses this recipe (her personal favourite) for Quick American Pancakes – yes the fluffy type!


Unusual pancake recipes and toppings


Kerry from Money Saving Journeys has these pancake topping ideas while Karen from Our Irish Family shares her 5 fun toppings for pancakes and crepes.

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  1. Rebecca

    I love pancakes! When I was a child my Nain (grandmother) would make me pancakes for breakfast every morning. I was never into anything fancy. My topping of choice was and still is lemon and sugar.

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