What you need to know about cooking your own Porterhouse Steaks

When you have worked up a mighty appetite, there are not many foods as satisfying as a tender, juicy, falling-off-the-bone porterhouse steak. The umami flavour of rare steaks is a delight to the palate. A lot of people prefer going to restaurants to have their porterhouse steak cooked to perfection. But cooking steaks doesn’t require a lot of preparation and can be done just as well at home. With some practice, you could be making a restaurant grade porterhouse steak in your oven or a cast iron skillet. You just need to execute the cooking process correctly and save yourself a whole load of money by having restaurant quality porterhouse steaks at home.


Preparing your porterhouse steak

You no longer have to scramble around asking people for porterhouse steak and salad suggestions because all you need to know about cooking a prime quality porterhouse steak in your very own oven is right here. When you place your porterhouse steak flat on a plate, you will notice that the small side is part of the tenderloin while the other side is the top loin. The tenderloin steak is amongst the biggest cuts of steak available in the market and on average, they are at least 0.5 inches thick. If you want to cook an excellent porterhouse steak, it’s important you select a good quality steak, meaning instead of going to a big industrialised meat plant you must choose your porterhouse steak from a small farm. Plus, the porterhouse steak you get from a small farm will be fresh and that will definitely come through in the flavour.

  • Oven roasting

Start with seasoning your porterhouse steak generously with salt and pepper. Heat the oven to its maximum temperature, then wait a further 4-5 minutes so that the skillet becomes crackling hot. Carefully drop the porterhouse steak in the pan, and as soon as the sizzling starts, move the pan into the preheated oven. After four minutes, flip the steak over carefully so none of that melted fat lands on you, then wait for an additional four minutes.

  • Frying

If you want to cut it short, you can toss your porterhouse steak right into the frying pan. First, place the frying pan containing a teaspoon of oil onto medium heat. After a minute, when the pan is evenly heated, place the porterhouse steak into it. If you have never cooked a steak before, beware, because the cooking emanates a lot of smoke so you better switch that stovetop fan on, or better yet, keep the frying pan covered for that smoky flavour. Leave the steak in the pan for about five minutes before you flip it over onto the other side and wait for an additional five minutes. Of course, if you prefer your meats rare, you might want to flip it sooner.

So there you go. See, it’s not that difficult. All it takes is a good quality piece of steak and a little practice and voila, you are on your way to restaurant-quality porterhouse steaks in your own kitchen!

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