Mum’s (creamy) Egg-Mayo sandwich paste: Recipe

This quick, easy-to-make and absolutely delicious egg sandwich paste that my mother was famous for (among family and friends) was a childhood favourite of mine. And continues to be my go-to meal when I need something fast, yet healthy. Now, it’s on my weekly meal planner as Little Man has developed a sudden dislike to eggs, so this is a good way to sneak them in without him making a big fuss. Besides, it’s absolutely delicious (in case I haven’t mentioned it already!!!).


Ingredients for the sandwich filler

Hard-boiled eggs

Grated cheese


Tomato ketchup

Spring onions (plain onions will do if you don’t have the former, but spring onions taste much better in this recipe)


Boil the eggs. Once cooled, grate them finely into a bowl (yes, even the yolk).

Add the grated cheese and the spring onions, including the greens – they give a lovely crunch and add flavour to the sandwich.

Mix in the ketchup and mayonnaise.

Mix everything into a fine paste.

And that’s it!!!

Note: i haven’t given specific quantities as this will depend on the number of eggs you use/ number of people you are making these for. And on individual preferences. If you prefer a creamier taste, add more of the mayonnaise. Alternatively, if you prefer a more pungent flavour, add more of the ketchup. If spice is your thing, you can add a bit of chilli sauce as well. Don’t use too many onions as that will overpower the taste.


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  1. Gude at Watermark Homes

    Such a simple, but yummy-sounding recipe!
    I think even my little ones would enjoy this. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Nicole

      Oh yes it is! Sure you will love it:)

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