Seven reasons you should buy a Jeep as your next Family Car

Once you have kids, it’s time to wave goodbye to your sleek two-seater or sports car. And say hello to big, spacious and safe cars. One of which is the Jeep  – a trusted and loved brand since years. And yes, while it ticks all the boxes for a great family car, it’s also a great car for adventure!

Listed below are seven reasons you should look into getting a Jeep:


1. Perfect ‘family-sized’ car

While it is clear a family needs a big, spacious car, most women (me included) aren’t too comfortable navigating a very bulky vehicle. Especially in cities and towns with narrow roads and on the dreaded school-run. A Jeep is bigger than the common saloon car but not as bulky as a truck, making it an ideal size.

2. Versatile: Great for adventures!

While a Jeep makes for a perfect everyday spacious car (there’s more than enough space for all the bikes and scooters and jackets and other paraphernalia that children carry with them!), it’s also an awesome vehicle for an adventure in the mountains. Or anywhere really! Whether it’s a family camping trip or just an all-dads road trip, you can be sure to do it all in a Jeep. It’s a ‘fun’ car to drive, for sure!

3. Awesome features!

Don’t just think of the open-roof, war-time, original Jeeps that we grew up seeing. Today’s modernised versions have a sleeker finish and all the works including cruise control, power steering, hi-tech stereo and much, much more. There are hard-top and soft-top roofs (with the option of a sun-roof too). Now who wouldn’t want to drive with the roof down/ convertible option through the mountains with the wind blowing through your hair?

4. Comfort, durability and above all, safety

Did you read some of the awesome features in point 3? Yes, the modern-day Jeep is ultra-comfortable without taking away its sturdiness quotient. However sleek it might look, it is still one of the most durable cars out there. And this is mainly due to its abundant safety features. So you can be assured of comfort and safety even on the bumpiest, rockiest drives.

5. Economical and value for money

Jeeps are affordable and economical, as they don’t cost a fortune to maintain. Being a ‘sturdy’ car, there is not so much wear-and-tear.

6. Easy-to-get parts

The parts are not a pain to find either, were you in need for a replacement. You can get them easily from a Jeep parts or repair shop. Online, you can find spare parts for Jeep  here onlinecarparts.CO.UK. Another plus point is that many Jeep parts fit several Jeep models so finding the right part for your Jeep isn’t a difficult process.

7. Tow, tow, tow your boat…

… or just about anything! Jeeps are strong and have an impressive towing capacity. So whether it’s towing your boat to your lakeside cottage or a trailer for a fun road trip, you can do it all!


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