What Should Your Next Step In Life Be?

After such a whirlwind of an entrance into the new decade, one that none of us were prepared for, it’s important to consider what our next step may be. For some, that entails moving back to normality piece by piece, as they relax, take it easy, and meet the people they have missed for a long time. However, for many, lockdown has had a dual purpose, giving them the time to plan what they really wish for out of life. After all, we’ve all had a brush with a global pandemic, so it’s not hard to see why some people now realise just how unpredictable life can be.

But what should your next step entail? And how are you supposed to ever answer that question? It can feel like you’re standing in an infinite sweet shop as far as this is concerned. You know that choosing one piece of candy by implication means ignoring all of the others. For some, that idea is, quite understandably, too much to bear.

However, with some of the gentle insights below, you can frame these decisions more rationally and comfortably.



It’s nice to be able to explore different parts of the world, and now that things are starting to get back to normal, this could be a worthwhile time. Of course, commit to your research and be sure to head out when you feel things are safe and appropriate for your experience in that direction. Now could be a great time to enjoy an experience you have only dreamt of thus far. From heading to Iceland to see the most beautiful mountains in the world, or walking the Santiago De Compostela to honuor this old pilgrimage route with fascination, the world is your oyster, and taking the time to go and see it can be a worthwhile use of your time.

Your New Home

It can be lovely to put plans in motion to live somewhere new, or to consider starting again in a fresh environment. From moving to a new city, to buying property that helps you get on the ladder for your first house, sometimes, changing the fundamental anchor of our lifestyle (our residence) allows us to view life through an entirely new perspective, and for the better.

Of course, for some, this may not be enough of a change. You may decide to rent a cabin in Norway for six months while you write your novel, or perhaps you wish to spend more time with a friend in a country overseas, learning the cuisine, meeting new people, and having experiences you could only dream of back home. This kind of intrigue can help anyone feel renewed and compassionate, falling in love once again with their life story.

Social Considerations

It can be truly wonderful to look around and feel the need to meet people, make new friends, and maybe even open yourself up to love once more. Too many people can feel stifled by the friends they have, particularly if they’re not supportive or demand too much from them while giving little in return. Does this mean we’re encouraging you to burn bridges and only meet people who you feel are perfectly on your side? Of course not. However, from time to time, it can be tremendously invigorating to meet new people, and to curate your social list for your needs now, not the needs you feel you should have. It might be that your friends never seem to make the effort with you, or you simply wish to meet someone who loves cycling as much as you do. Joining clubs, using meet-up websites and simply making more of an effort for the people you do come across can be a worthwhile new life priority to follow.

Crafts and Careers

Crafts and careers can help dictate how many of our daily hours are used productively and to the fullest. Perhaps you’re tired of feeling chained to an office and being furloughed has given you a chance to think of what you really want to do or enjoy doing. Finally deciding to take the time to volunteer and eventually get a job with an animal sanctuary could be much more suitable for you.

Drawing up a career goals priority chart can help you avoid falling into wasted days, and instead start making a few moves that reinvigorate your life, your potential income, or simply move you towards something you actually wish to do. As a next step in life, these plans can serve admirably.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily define how you wish to shape your future. After a global pandemic, many of us are starting to wonder what really matters in life…

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