Tips to clean your house when there are toddlers or kids around

If you thought that cleaning was a hassle when you were single, then you’re in for a wild ride once you have a kid. Even when they can’t crawl or wobble around, it’s a bit hard to clean thoroughly when you have a baby on your hip. Now don’t get me wrong, these bundles of joy are exactly that – bundles of absolute joy (despite the challenges of parenting) – and you’d probably have them all over again if you could. But the fact still remains that you need to take a lot of precautions because anything and everything could end up being a hazard. Are you wondering exactly how to get it done? Then here are some handy tips to have you well on your way.



1. Declutter

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s not a bad idea to repeat it since it’s one of the most important steps to take. If you have things in any of your living spaces that you can do without, get rid of them. Once you’re done with that, you can try to streamline systems you already have in place. For instance, instead of having your mail lying around the house, use services like physicaladdress so you don’t have to worry about unopened letters and bills becoming a hazard. Even better is the fact that with all this and more out of the way, you can see all the surfaces that need attention.


2. Keep and store cleaning products properly

Cleaning products, for the most part, are quite dangerous. The thing is that adults know that but kids, toddlers and babies are not quite in the loop. So, you have to make sure these products are away from their reach. It’s harder now that the kids are home a lot more (during lockdown) because it gives them more time to explore. So you need to get more vigilant and creative with your storage skills. Instead of keeping them on a counter, store them in cabinets that are reinforced with locks. Also, while you’re cleaning, try your best to organize them on racks that further place them out of your little one’s reach. 


3. Clean when they are napping

It’s tempting to want to catch a wink when you’ve finally put your little tykes down for a nap. But mums being mums (me included), we often tend to use that time for catching up on household chores! And to be honest, it’s a great time to break out the supplies and get cleaning. With the kids out of the way, you can have a worry-free session and really get in there. It may not be ideal to do this every time you have some free time on your hands, especially if you are exhausted! Simply find a system that works for you and you’ll be surprised at how productive you can be. 


There are tons of resources you can explore that can give you useful tips to making cleaning easier when you have little ones to manage as well. As mentioned above, it’s all about finding a system that works and running with it. Also, bear in mind that every child pr toddler’s personality and temperament is different, so don’t use methods that don’t apply to you.

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