Inventions I’m thankful for as a Modern-day Mummy

mother and baby inventions

Motherhood is so complex, so challenging, and if we’re going to be honest, not exactly easy. There’s another human to care for – 24/7 – with minimal sleep and maximum coffee. In time, there are tantrums to deal with and tears to wipe. The laundry basket keeps exploding. There’s physical exhaustion and emotional blackmail.

Which got me thinking how different things were/ must have been in the ‘olden’ days, when women had double-digit kids (yikes!!!), no fancy toys to keep them occupied (but I guess if you got 13 siblings, who has time for toys) and no technology (washing machine, microwave, telly, i-pad – how did they even parent without these?!).

Here are a few things/ inventions I’m so thankful I had / have, as being a modern-day mummy.

mother and baby inventions

1. Epidural

A godsend. I’ll be ever-grateful to that thick needle that pierced my spine (for even though that sounds sadistic, the immense relief it gave me for the next few hours was WORTH IT!). Seriously, how did women have 12 and 13 kids without it???

2. Nappies
This is a big one for me. God bless the soul who invented these expensive (but again so WORTH IT) things. Imagine having to wash pee-dripping and poo-stained undies and clothes EVERY DAY??? I’d probably have potty-trained Little Man before his first birthday!

3. Washing machine
Which leads me to the third invention – the washing machine. Every mum knows the curse of the laundry basket – it’s like Mary Poppins’ suitcase; it just keeps filling and never gets empty! Now imagine having to do all that washing with your hands!

4. Wet Wipes
Wet wipes are a bloody amazing multi-purpose little creation. Spills, poo-smeared bums, sticky hands, dirty floor, ANYTHING can be wiped clean with a wet wipe. I’ve even penned an ode to wet wipes, I love them so much!

5. Breast pumps
Another awesome invention. For mums whose babies don’t latch on, or who find breastfeeding just too painful. For mums who need a break from cluster feeding and continuous night-wakings. For mums who want to resume work. BUT STILL ALL WANT TO BREASTFEED.

6. Baby food jars
I used so many of those during Little Man’s first year. He loved the taste; I loved the convenience, variety and nutritional elements that were in them. Of course I did cook him a LOT of food from scratch too, but these were super convenient for when out-and-about, or when I was just too tired to cook. And I doubt I would’ve had the energy, time or skill to come up with those amazingly creative combinations!

7. Telly
This is the biggie – the television. I know it’s not the most appropriate way to keep your child entertained but as EVERY HONEST MUM would agree, the T.V. is the BEST BABYSITTER ever! How did mums keep their kids entertained 24/7 without a dose of Paw Patrol and a couple episodes of Peppa Pig? Or kinder egg opening youtube videos? How did they keep their children sat at the dinner table without the TV being on? (Hey, don’t judge, you do it too!). I confess: I couldn’t do without it! (Read more ‘Confessions of an Exhausted Mummy‘ – that’s me – if you want to feel better about yourself!!!).

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  1. Lisa Pomerantz

    I wonder what will be by the next generation? Great post! TY!

    1. Nicole

      Indeed, that is a very intelligent (and scary) question. The possibilities…
      Thanks for the lovely comment, Lisa

  2. kristin mccarthy

    Seriously what would we do without these inventions. I don’t even want to think about it! Thanks for linking up to #globalblogging.

    1. Nicole

      (*Shudders at thought of no TV and no nappies*)

  3. Lucy | Leaning In

    Breast pump has got to be up there! Hand expressing takes far too long! Thanks for joining us at #GlobalBlogging

    1. Nicole

      Yes, such a boon for mums!

  4. Claire - Life, Love and Dirty Dishes

    Before having my first child we bought cloth nappies ????????????
    We never used them. Thank God for disposables. Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

    1. Nicole

      Hahahaha, we were so innocent before having babies, weren’t we?;)

  5. Emma Island Living 365

    Praise the lord for the telly and her hypnotic powers come the witching hour. Our house would be in meltdown if I wasn’t able to switch it on at 6pm. Thanks for linking up with #FridayFrolics

    1. Nicole

      6 PM? Mine is often on from 6 AM (#momguilt #badmom #godblessthetelly)

  6. kristin mccarthy

    Without a mashing machine I would just give up. Thanks for linking up to #globalblogging.

  7. Jennifer

    Oh I agree with all of these! I often whisper thank you to my washing machine when it’s had a particularly busy day. I also honestly don’t know how my parents coped with just a couple of kids tv programmes a day.

    1. Nicole

      How sweet to actually acknowledge your washing machine with a thank you:)
      And yes, TV is a biggie in my parenting scheme of things, so I don’t know how parents coped before that either! Thanks for popping over!

  8. Silly Mummy

    I agree with all of these except the epidural! Having to have an epidural was actually one of my biggest fears about childbirth! Some of that was because they insert a cannula. I have had bad experiences with cannulas – my veins don’t cope with them. Pretty much my entire birth plan was I DO NOT WANT AN EPIDURAL, DO NOT INSERT A CANNULA! 😀

    Thanks so much for joining us for #FridayFrolics

    1. Nicole

      I was just the opposite… I wasn’t going to give birth unless I had an epidural lol. But you had good reason to not want it anywhere near you…

  9. Henry

    I’d have to replace TV with iPad for the role of digital babysitter, but otherwise you’re absolutely spot on Nicole.

    1. Nicole

      Thanks for popping over:)

  10. Sarah

    Yes, yes, yes to all of these! I especially thank whoever invented the TV, absolute live saver and baby wipes, I have no idea what I would do without these. When I take a non-changing bag out with me I actually miss them! Thanks for linking up, hopefully see you this week. xx #thursdayteam

    1. Nicole

      Thanks Sarah. I agree – TV is the BIGGEST life saver and wipes are just SO VERSATILE, aren’t they?! I’ve even penned an ode to wet-wipes, if you fancy a laugh;)

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