‘Infinite Options’ to take the stress out of birthday parties

Jenesis - Infinite Options mug

Birthdays are fun but birthday parties? That’s another issue altogether. There is always SO MUCH to plan for, especially if it’s for a child. From the theme to the decor to the entertainer to the food to the return gifts, that’s a lot to pack in for those few hours.

Which is why I was pleasantly surprised at a recent birthday celebration I attended with my son. He had loads of fun, and I was impressed. To say the least. I was about to give a pat on the back and a ‘Wow, you’re a Supermom’ hi-five to the hostess mum, when she revealed her ‘secret’. Rather, the ‘secret’ to the success of this 4-year-old’s party.

Three words: Jenesis… Infinite Options.

Based in Mumbai, India, Jenesis helps make the planning and execution less stressful, more streamlined and a lot more fun. Their list of activities and party-centric items is extensive, but the most popular ones include the smoke machine and bubble machine package (which kid doesn’t enjoy some bubbles?!), the Dress Up corner and balloon craft. Their magic shows and puppet shows are a huge hit with the kids too – my son was glued to his seat the whole time, and that’s quite a rare thing to happen! (For a complete list of party entertainment options, click here).

Jenesis - Infinite Options -Dress up corner
The Pirates Dress-Up Corner

But that wasn’t all. The cake-cutting (which is usually a HUGE deal for the birthday boy/girl) was a sparkling affair in itself. The cake entered with – hold your breath – an entourage, on a motorbike and accompanied with fireworks! For the first time in the history of birthday parties that my son has been to, was he more excited at looking at the cake than eating it!

And then, the icing on the cake (not the literal one) was the hand-crafted personalised return gift he got. Leaving no stone unturned for any child, the return gifts were personalised mugs for the younger kids and personalised cushions for the older ones. (On enquiry, I found out they also do personalised towels, napkins, robes and more, for all ages and occasions).

Jenesis - Infinite Options mug
My son’s football-themed mug 

Needless to say, my little fellow didn’t want to leave – until I promised him a drink of hot chocolate in his new mug!

For more details about Jenesis… Infinite Options, visit www.jenesisinfo.com. It does live up to its name of being a one-stop shop for personalised gifts, events and everything in between.

This is not a sponsored post, just a personal review of a party that was well-planned and executed, and a whole load of fun!


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