Toy Story Revisited: If my son’s toys could talk…

Little Man is into the ever-popular Toy Story series of movies these days. So I’m all about Woody and Buzz and the gang (and I’ll admit, I’m enjoying it as much as he is). It’s a fun concept (imagine if our kids’ toys REALLY came to life every night!) with some cool characters; and while I was watching it with him for the two-hundred-and-fifty-seventh time this week (I like a little exaggeration once in a while), the idea for this post sprung up. What if Little Man’s toys woke up the minute he went to sleep? What if they each had a mind of their own? What would they say, think, feel?

So I took a closer look at his favourite toys and how he interacts with them and this is what would/could transpire if the unimaginable happened…

His zillion Hot Wheel cars would be content. Very very content. Because cars remain Little Man’s favourite objects and it’s the first box he takes out every morning. He arranges them in different ways, takes them around town on his City Playmat, and generally carries them around with him wherever he goes. I have a few in his nappy bag, some in his stroller, a couple in my purse (!!!), and then some more in the car. They’ve been to restaurants, on public transport, on long drives… all in all, they lead a good life!


His few and precious bigger cars are also loved. Each has his own special day (one day it could be the London cab, the other it is the blue Audi Q7 but they enjoy almost all the adventures their smaller cousins do. The Fire-Engine and the Police car are, however, the favourites in this category because after all, they make the fun Nino Nino sound.


His tractor, dump truck and digger never have a bored moment either. He LOVES them and often takes them for rides around the house, and although they are too big to accompany him on day-today outings, they have made two overseas trips. Privilege.


His other prized possession is his Thomas train. Understandable. Which toddler doesn’t like Thomas? Although he doesn’t play with him as much as he does with his cars, Thomas takes prime place on his toy shelf. And is acknowledged daily.  He most certainly has nothing to complain about.


But his submarine does. He has a lot to complain about. For starters, he is supposed to be in water (he’s a bath toy), but Little Man throws a fit if we even take it to the bathroom. Let alone put it in the bath! He insists on it being on his toy shelf – next to Thomas and his other cars – but never, ever plays with it! Probably because it makes scary sounds.


His rocking horse is a bit dejected too. He’s been sitting around since Little Man was six months old, hoping to one day become more active. There have been brief intermittent moments that he’s been used, but on the whole he’s not as popular as the rest. ‘Is it because I don’t zip around like your scooter that you don’t love me as much?’ he perhaps would ask…


His plastic cooking set comes out of its box every other day while Little Man makes me a meal, complete with salt and pepper for added flavour. Used as it should be. Again, pleased. Probably even a little chuffed that its getting so much attention in a boy’s toy shelf. Who said toys have to be gender stereotypical?


His blue helmet is a bit confused. For he’s supposed to be worn outdoors to protect Little Man while he scoots around on his scooter. It’s just that he doesn’t really wear it outdoors but wears it ALL THE TIME when at home. While zooming around on his toy ship, while dancing, while, well, doing anything!


His ABC and number board puzzles are proud because slowly and surely with their help, Little Man has mastered the alphabet and his numbers. They get a clap for it from all the other toys.


His lego train set has always been the ONLY train set Little Man had, but since he was recently gifted another wooden one, the lego train and tracks have been sidelined. I wonder if they fight about it at night?


The new wooden train set is currently more popular than his older lego one

All his soft toys (and he has a fair amount!) get the occasional hug and are even talked to quite often, but his most favourite, most loved is his teddy Harold. Little Man’s been cuddling him to sleep since he was four months old, and good ol’ Harold has seen Little Man through good times and sick ones. He’s travelled the world with him, seated on his lap in aeroplanes and also gets offered food by my ever-polite son! Heck, he even gets more cuddles than I do! Love is in the air…

20160405_120323That’s Little Man giving Harold a breadstick


And that’s Harold enjoying some sun in Dubai!

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  1. To Arizona......and beyond

    Great idea for a post! It sounds like your son plays with a good variety of toys but like most little boys the little cars win, I know so many mums who have a couple in every place imaginable!

  2. Nicole

    Thank you:) The idea for the post came to me while he was watching Toy Story for the zillionth time!:)

    Oh yes, my house is like a mini garage… you’ll find cars everywhere!

  3. Carly aka Mummy

    How funny. My ‘lil man’ is also going through a toy story obsession at the moment and I had the exact same thought…which of his toys would feel neglected and which would be content. Great post. #fridayfrolics

    1. Nicole

      Thanks so much:) glad you enjoyed the post. #FridayFrolics

  4. Life Love and Dirty Dishes

    I get more attached to the toys than my kids! The big one’s Toy Story toys are long neglected. I was really sad to put them in the loft as they have provided so much fun. These days he is all about Lego and light sabers! I’m looking forward to getting them out again when the little one is bigger. No doubt the big one will start playing with them again too! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

    1. Nicole

      Yes some toys do have such wonderful memories, for us if not always for the lil ones! Thanks for reading

  5. Mess stress and fancy dress

    My eldest has “the toy section” in her bed where all the stuffed toys have specific spaces and personalities. She has 3 identical Jellycat rabbits (we used to rotate them as they were so well loved but pretended there was only one. She found the other 2 one day, and now insists that she loves them all equally and that they must all take pride of place in toy section.) Sadly there are a number of other sad and dejected toys that we have pointlessly spent our life savings on!

    1. Nicole

      Love how she loves all her 3 Jellycat rabbits equally… so innocent. Bless!
      Dejected toys are a given, unfortunately:(

      Thanks for reading:)

  6. Tina

    Enjoyed this one a lot Nicole. Loved reading about each toy ?

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