5 Family Outdoor Activities for the Summer Holidays

It’s been a very, very long winter. There were sub-zero temperatures, hailstorms, snow on more than one occasion, the wretched Beast from the East and it seemed winter was just not willing to say goodbye. But, it has finally left us and we now have warmer weather and longer days. Two perfect reasons to head outdoors and shed off that winter weight! So this summer, why not try an outdoor activity/ sport that you can do together with your kids or other half or even together as a family? Not only will it help your family get fit but will also help your children with learning new skills.


Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking is one of the most exhilarating and adventurous outdoor activities, and is always full of surprises – no two mountain biking experiences can ever be the same! It is one of the best ways to enjoy the UK’s beautiful scenery and have an adrenaline-filled adventure at the same time.

While it can seem a bit intimidating to most, it need not be so. We often think of mountain biking as dangerous and only for professional bikers, but in fact, it is a lovely sport to take up and do with (slightly older) children too. To assist in this matter, Halfords has produced a Beginners Guide to Mountain Biking that covers everything you need to know from fundamental skills and perfecting technique to bike selection tips and accessible locations.

And if you’re an absolute beginner (we all are at one point), then look no further when deciding which mountain bike is best suited for you. Just get your kit, accessories and enthusiasm and set off – you won’t regret it!



Another fantastic way to stay fit, explore new trails and have a great day outdoors with the family. The best part about hiking is that there is literally something for everyone – if it’s just a day’s hike as a family outing that you want, there are loads of Nature Reserves and Nature Trails across UK, while the Three Peaks Challenge is for the more adventurous and seasoned hiker.

And if you’re looking for some amazing hiking gear, check this site out. It’s got all your hiking essentials, and much more!

Canal Boating

A weekend away doesn’t necessarily have to be in a resort/ B&B. Why not make the experience so much more memorable by making a canal boat your home for a few days? Barge holidays are a great opportunity to discover the countryside, live amongst Nature and get active. There are a number of waterways across UK, and canal boats of different sizes depending on the number of people, so there is something for everyone.

A barge holiday gives you an opportunity to be one with Nature, and experience wildlife and farmlands first-hand – a great experience for children. They can learn about lochs, can try their hand at fishing and wander off for a walk in the wild when docked along the canal.




If water is not your thing, the next best thing to a barge holiday is a camping holiday. Again, you can live amongst Nature, experiencing flora and fauna at it’s best. Sleeping under the stars, cooking on a fire, going for Nature walks – all amazing life experiences and memories for children and families alike.

Go Ape

If adventure and thrill is what you’re looking for, then you must try Go Ape. From Treetop Adventures to Ziplining to Freefall swings and other adventurous outdoor activities, Go Ape has locations across UK and activities for young and adults alike.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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