10 signs it’s the end of the school year…

The last few weeks of the school year somehow always seem to stretch and drag on, despite being filled with activities (refer to point 7). I guess the past nine months take a toll on the children (and us mums of course) and everyone is ready for summer – and a break from routine.

Below are 10 sureshot signs that the end of the school year is near…



1. The bedtime routine – actually all routine – begins to slide. The sun is shining so there’s more time in the park after school, which leads to less time doing homework/ other school-related work. Holiday mode is setting in so bedtimes are being pushed – and even we mums couldn’t be bothered if 8 pm becomes 9 pm. After all, there are only two weeks left of school so it’s OK. (Unless, of course, it’s one of those days and you want to put your child to bed at 6 pm!!!)

2. Children can be seen in uniforms that are a tad too tight/ small/ short for them. The knee area is faded, probably even has a little hole or two. Their shoes are scruffy. But we ain’t gonna spend £20 on a new pair just for the last few weeks of school, because we know they will have outgrown them come September!

3. Teacher’s gifts – the one thing that’s on every mum’s mind. Gift voucher, chocolates, something personal or wine? Surely she would need wine?!



4. The hot topic of conversation amongst school mums is ‘Holiday Clubs’. Because as much as we love our kids, six weeks with them at home, all day, is far more than we can take! Mums are also seen googling or enquiring about ‘local activities that are cheap or free’ because kids get bored by 9.30 am and we cannot bear the constant whining!

5. Packed lunches get smaller, unhealthier and have a trace of ‘I’ve had enough already, I really don’t care what you eat for lunch now’. The painstakingly carved star-shaped sandwiches get transformed into big squares of cheese slices slapped between two slices of bread, the different flavoured yogurts are replaced with the same flavour for a week… you get the drift.

6. The house starts getting filled with the ‘beautiful’ art and craftwork your little Da Vinci has been producing all year.
“Is that a rocket, dear? It’s lovely!”
“No Mum, it’s a dinosaur”
“It’s still lovely, dear”

*has visions of throwing it in the trash*


7. Your calendar is full to the brim with school events – country dancing, sports day, school trips, nursery graduation (wtf?!), end-of-year picnic… you just need time to breathe!

8. The ‘school-run’ is now becoming a leisurely walk, because:

a) The reports have been issued and you can’t be bothered about getting a ‘late’ tag now

b) The kids are visibly tired – energetic scooting to school is replaced with a slow walk

c) You just cannot utter the words “Hurry up!”, “Put your shoes on” or “We’re late” another time… till September.

9. Everything school-related is now taking a backseat, from the morning routine to homework to even your enthusiasm for stuff. You took the effort for World Book Day, you volunteered for school trips, you might even have baked a cake for the Bake sale. Now, you Just. Want. It. To. End. Already.

10. You have started making a ‘Back to School’ to-do list… even though you know you will not act on it till the week before your child goes back to school.

And it begins again…

Happy holidays!!!

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