The Wonders of White Vinegar: Cleaning tips and hacks

Cleaning can be a chore, a bore or a proper pain in the butt. Yet, it needs to be done, and more often than not it is left upto us mums to do the job. But what if I told you everything doesn’t need an expensive cleaning product or a major deep-clean – good old and inexpensive household product white vinegar is a wonder when it comes to cleaning! Mums share their tried-and-tested vinegar cleaning tips/ hacks…


In the kitchen…

Jenni from Chilling with Lucas

Mix half water, half white vinegar in the kettle, leave for one hour then boil the kettle, rinse with water and you have naturally descaled it.

Nikki from Family Travel with Ellie

Soak kitchen roll in vinegar and wrap around the base of your kitchen taps if you have limescale stains there, it keeps the vinegar in place while it works wonders!

Mandi from Big Family Organised Chaos

Add a capful to the dishwasher to get sparkling glassware.

Jo from A Rose Tinted World

Put a cup each of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda down your plug hole, leave half hour or overnight then rinse with hot water. Stink be gone!

Nicole from Tales from Mamaville

White vinegar is brilliant for taking out those annoying residual tea/coffee stains from cups – just soak in white vinegar and then scrub them off.


In the bathroom…

Kirsty from The Money Saving Mum

White vinegar is very good at getting rid of odours too.

Jennifer from Mighty Mama Bear

It’s great for using on shower doors and screens for removing and preventing soap scum. A tip I got from my mum!
It’s also great for softening paint brushes when they’ve gone hard. Leave to soak until soft and then rinse with soapy water.


Around the house…

Carly from Mom of Two Little Girls

Two parts vinegar and one part water takes dried-on slime out of carpets with minimal fuss.

Helen from Twins, Tantrums and Cold Coffee

Vinegar and water mixed in a spray bottle is great for cleaning windows!

Lisa from The Family Ticket

Put it on newspaper to clean glass and mirrors.

Emma from Emma Reed

Make your own surface cleaner: fill half a bottle with water, the other half with white vinegar and add 10 drops of lavender oil.

Catherine from Growing Family

White vinegar is brilliant for getting rid of that musty washing machine smell. I mix about 40g of bicarbonate of soda with 60ml water and pour it into the detergent drawer, then add 500ml of white vinegar into the drum and run it on a hot cycle. It makes a huge difference!

Have you got some more white vinegar cleaning hacks? We’d love to hear them! Do share in the comments below,


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