How to create a quiet corner for part-time blogging

With kids in the house not to mention other family members, is there any such thing as a quiet corner? A place to sit back and relax, concentrate and work, or even blog? Quiet corners don’t usually happen by themselves, but it's not that difficult to create one. Below are a few pointers on how to go about creating your very own 'quiet corner'. To think, work and write.

1. Plan a Work Area

Sit down with a pen and paper and sketch out how your work area would look in an ideal world, bearing in mind your actual space. Draw out the shape of the room, and play with different arrangements for furnishing or shelving. Take into account windows and doors so you don’t accidentally place things where they’ll block light or access.

Things don’t need to be exactly to scale as long as you can get a rough idea of how your space will work. Don’t be scared to rearrange your living room or bedroom, or to replace some items or put others into self-storage. 

Furnishings parked in self-storage units are easily retrieved if you need to switch things around for special occasions or visitors. They help you get the best of both worlds, so most of the time your living space works the way you need it to.



2. Create Boundaries

Boundaries work incredibly well and they don’t have to be solid walls. They can even work with small children, although you may need to compromise. However, they can quickly learn that you need a few minutes and if they comply they’ll get some reward when you’re finished. (If you take this ‘compromise’ route with small children, make sure you follow through!)

Just creating a little workspace can have a psychological effect that works on yourself as well as other members of the family. While it’s not exactly the same as ‘going to work’, moving into your work area alters your mindset and signals to anyone else who’s around that you’re busy. 

How to create boundaries? You could use existing furniture such as a bookcase. Instead of the traditional arrangement of having it stand against the wall, turn it outward so it’s perpendicular to the wall. It won’t stick out far, but enough to offer a little privacy for a desk. If you alternate the direction of the books, it will look attractive from both sides.

3. Use Storage Furnishings

If you can’t spare space for either a repurposed room or a small room division, you could arrange the space around your favourite chair so it’s all set up and whatever you need is handy.

Next to your chair, place an end table with drawers or a shelf beneath, where you can store notebooks and pens. Or you could store your laptop, charging cables and other bits and pieces in a lift-top coffee table. Making little changes like these helps keep everything together so you can immediately take advantage of quiet moments without wasting time gathering stuff from around the house.



4. Repurpose Rooms

Even part-time blogging takes dedication and organisation since there’s a lot more to it than just curling up with a laptop and tapping away. A desk would help, but where to put one? 

Maybe you have a big family dining table that you love, but only use for larger get-togethers like Christmas or birthdays. Consider putting that oversized but useful table into self-storage for the rest of the year, creating lots of room for a desk.

Alternately, if you always sit down as a family for dinner, you could replace the large table with a smaller drop-leaf one that will sit tucked away by the wall in between mealtimes.

Take a similar approach with spare bedrooms. Maybe you have a bed that’s rarely used. To turn the room into a comfy workspace, consider replacing the bed with a sofa bed. If that leaves room for a small desk, great, but if not you have somewhere cosy and quiet to sit with your laptop and your thoughts. Hang inspirational images or quotes on the walls, add a few plants, and decorate in restful colours.

Experimenting like this opens up all sorts of doors and when you manage to create yourself a quiet corner to work in, your imagination can fly free and feed you great ideas for your blog.

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