No more leaks. Period! Modibodi Period Underwear Review

Periods. Aunt Flow. That time of the month. Call it what we may, but the fact is that ‘it’ is an integral part of every girl/ woman’s life. Not the best time of every month, what with PMS and back and tummy pain and general discomfort. And the constant stress of leaks! I for one have a complete different wardrobe for when I have my periods (and I know many women who do). Blacks and other dark bottoms take over. Whites and pastels are a big no-no. And the boring huge black underwear comes out of the back of the underwear drawer. It all sucks, but I’d rather that than leaks.

And speaking of leaks, well, let’s face it, after pregnancy I don’t have the strongest bladder either (makes mental note to do my pelvic floor exercises). Bladder leaks and those little accidents are not always in my control now.

Then I heard about Modibodi Period, Pee and Perspiration Underwear and it has revolutionised those days for me. I reviewed the period underwear (also the pee-friendly one) which uses Modifier Technology that is a real game-changer! When it arrived, I admit I was a tad apprehensive: it was so slim – only 3mm – I wasn’t sure it would hold up to 2 tampons (20 ml) worth, as it claimed to. But it was so comfortable and felt so much sexier, even during those days (bye-bye boring huge black underwear).

Can you believe period underwear can look so sexy?

So the next month, when Aunt Flow visited, I decided to put them to the test. What reassured me was the fact that there were three layers in that super-slim underwear. The top layer that does away with moisture, bacteria and odours leaving a fresh, dry feeling (so important); the middle layer that absorbs the fluid and the bottom layer that has extra waterproof protection, just for added security. Yet, I didn’t have the guts to test it out on my first two (heavy) days, but I did give them a go during the latter half of my periods and was won over. No leaks, no discomfort (unlike with a sanitary pad) and no odours. It has given me the confidence to try them out on my heavier days too…

Whatever your flow, just go with the flow…

What I also like about it is the fact that you can choose your underwear based on your flow – super-light absorbency, light-moderate absorbency, moderate-heavy absorbency and heavy/ overnight absorbency. Sizes are available from 4 XS to 6 XL.

Re-usable and sustainable

Moreso, Modibodi underwear is environment-friendly – and in the long run, cost-friendly too. The image below explains the best way to wash, look after and re-use your Modibodi underwear.



Bringing sexy back…

Periods and sexy definitely don’t go hand in hand. But the Modibodi range is both comfortable and sexy. From classic to sensual to curvy, there is indeed something for every body. What’s more, there’s also a maternity and swimwear range, so you never have to miss out on the fun when at the beach or poolside.

Something for the non-period days…

Modibodi also does a daily underwear for keeping out the sweat and discharge, using Modifier Air Technology™ in combination with their breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics. Genius!

Disclosure: I was given the items to review; however, as always, all opinions are entirely my own.

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