Cracking the Travelling Code with Kids

Doing any sort of organized activity with your child/ren is difficult. Traveling is next to impossible. No, really. Getting a small child dressed in the morning is like wrestling an octopus, so trying to get them to do anything else is, well, worse than that!

If you like to travel, but you find the stress of travelling with kids too much to bear, then take note of these tips to make your holiday a little bit easier on you – and them.




It’s All About the Kids

You can go to a national park or a historical site, but if you’re bringing kids along, remember that what you’re doing has to involve them or they won’t enjoy it, and then neither will you. Forget wine and cheese. Bring on the corndogs.

Manage Your Expectations

You can plan out every aspect of your holiday right down to the seconds’ hand on one of your husband’s watch, but you and I both know it won’t go as planned. Not with kids in tow.

Embrace the unexpected and go with the flow. Travel delays and missed appointments are just another part of being a mum, so prepare the best you can and enjoy your time together.

Find Kid-Friendly Things and Places

From hotels to attractions, find things that are kid-friendly. At the end of a long day of sight-seeing, coming back to lodging that has a pool, a play area, or a kid-friendly restaurant will be your saving grace.

Also make sure that wherever you go, you can find other kid-friendly shopping and activities so that when things don’t go the way you expected, you have something to fall back on and keep the kids happy.

Use Naptime to your Advantage

If your trip requires you to be in the car or on a plane for several hours, plan that trip during your baby’s naptime. If your child is already tired, the motion of the car or the plane will help them fall asleep, and you’ll get an opportunity to have a pleasant ride without much noise.

While things won’t always go to plan, bringing along some familiar toys from home and sticking to the kids’ normal schedule as much as possible helps make the changes and travelling a little more comfortable for everyone. 

Disclosure: This is a guest post

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