My winter-warmer go-tos: 5 ways to keep warm in winter without turning the heating on

I'm a summer person. I like the sunshine and the warmth. But living in the UK means that I have to embrace the cold, rain and darkness more than I would like. Apart from stylish winter wear (oh how I love boots) and cosy loungewear, I don't like much about the winter. I pop the heating on even at the slightest drop of temperature, but this only leads to higher bills, a husband who complains and very dry skin (not always in that particular order). So over the years, there are some winter go-tos I take solace in, that comfort me through those awful months.



1. Layer up!

This is a no-brainer but you'll be surprised how many people up their heating while still roaming around in non-winter wear indoors. Keep warm (and super cosy) in fleece loungewear, dressing gowns, faux fur jackets, onesies when at home. Cover yourself with a blanket when on the couch. Wear thick socks. If you wear the appropriate clothing indoors, you won't need your heating on full blast all the time!

2. Winter slippers/ boots – Warmies

Winter slippers/boots are another must to keep those cold feet warm indoors. I get a snug pair every winter, but this year I tried these microwavable winter slipper boots and I've never felt cosier! Yes, you can actually pop them in the micro for 90 seconds and then slip them on for toasty warm feet.


3. Hot water bottle

This REALLY works! I fill mine up at least five times a day, and keep it on me when seated/ lying down. It raises my body temperature to a comfortable warmth. I even put one under my blanket 10 minutes before heading to bed, so the bed is nice and warm when I get in (like an electric blanket). Then I cuddle it (yes, cuddle!) till the warmth lasts.

Get the ones with the faux fur covers on them, so that they don't scald you when touching your body. Plus they feel luxe…



4. Turn on the fire/ portable heater instead of heating the whole house

If you're going to be huddled in one room through the day, switch off the central heating and use a portable heater instead. You don't have to wait for the entire house to get warm; it's instant gratification! Or, if you have an electrical fire, sit beside it. Makes you feel more Christmassy too!



5. Sip on a hot drink

Again a no-brainer but sipping on a hot tea/ green tea/ hot chocolate or even warm ginger-lemon water can make you feel warm from the inside. And that's half the job done!


So the next time you feel the chill indoors, don't rush to the temperature control. Put on a fleece, cover up with a blanket, turn on the fire and sip a hot chocolate instead!


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