Long live the Afternoon Nap!

Little Man is at that age at the moment when he might decide he doesn’t need his afternoon nap anymore. That age/stage that all mothers dread. The moment Toddler lets go of his afternoon siesta and Mum forcefully has to let go of her two hours of peace. Sanity. Down-time. Facebook time. Blogging time.

On days that have begun practically halfway through the night (read early wakings) and mornings that have seemed longer than the London winter, that first yawn emitting from your energetic toddler post-lunch is like a ray of sunshine for Mum. It is, after all, the beginning of the most restful part of her day.

Not to say that it’s all smooth sailing. Little Man can, and successfully has, resisted sleep in the past. Sometimes, his resistance to some shut-eye (despite being tired) has been commendable. As a baby, it was just fussing around, leaping (well almost) out of my arms or keeping his eyes wide open even in a black-as-black-can-be room. But as a toddler, his resistance techniques are quite something else. There’s almost always a sing-song session (he decides whether he sings or mummy does) of practically every nursery rhyme he knows. Then some prancing around the bed. Some more chatter followed by squeals of laughter, and finally, after a ‘Mummy’s really going out of the room if you don’t close your eyes’ threat from me, sleep!


Deep, blissful sleep. More blissful for me, perhaps. I have two hours (or if I’m lucky two-and-a-half) to do whatever I choose. Sip a cuppa of HOT tea. Get on whatsapp (most addictive). Tell a tale on Mamaville. Or finish work around the house (not the ideal way to spend this mini-vacation of sorts, but, unfortunately, it needs to be done). It’s like a time-bomb ticking before he wakes up: so much to do, so little time! Of course I could do with some shut-eye myself, but who would want to spend this precious time sleeping? (Ah, I now get why Little Man would rather play than waste time sleeping!).


  1. blabbermama

    I’ll be so sad when my little mam grows up and stops napping. He’s 6 months and only has 3 half hour naps at the mo! Great post!

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