5 Simple Ways to Make Learning Fun

When Little Man was little(r), life was all about song and dance and games and laughter. The focus was on developing his sensory and physical abilities, then his speech, emotions, independence. Now that he’s almost three-and-a-half, and has mastered the above essentials, I am focussing on teaching him more educational stuff. Phonics, numbers, shapes and how things work.

But Little Man is not one to sit and recite aa aa apple, b b ball with me. Or count more than he wants to. He would much rather “play cars” or “superheroes” or see TV, when we’re home. So I figured out a few ways to incorporate learning into our day, without him even realising it.

Note: All these can be done while walking to school/ to the park/ taking a stroll around your house.


5 ways to make learning fun


1. Counting

Since Little Man loves cars, and anything to do with cars, I figured this would be a success. Whilst we walk to school, we count the number of cars we see (either parked or the ones that pass us by – variation is the key to keeping them engaged). To add more variation (and another learning function – colours), try counting just the red cars, or the black cars and so on.

(You could do this with people too – count the people who cross your path. Or those wearing blue or yellow.)

2. Recognising numbers and alphabets

Reciting numbers and alphabets is something Little Man (and most toddlers) grasp early, but recognising them on a page or billboard is the next step. Rather than making an exercise of it at home, when Little Man is distracted by his other toys, I use the time spent walking or in the car to do the same. I make him read number-plates of cars, or the numbers on parking spots or alphabets on signs and boards that we pass.



3. Distinguishing Shapes

Tiled pavements provide an opportunity to distinguish between square tiles and rectangular ones. Streetlights and lamps are usually round. You get the gist. Then we talk about each shape (a square has four equal sides but a rectangle has two short and two long sides).



4. Learning about Nature

Instead of just getting from point A to point B, why not talk about the different aspects of Nature – trees, clouds, insects, dried leaves – there’s no dearth of subject matter. If it’s the clouds your toddler is interested in, explain how rain falls from them. If he sees an insect, ask him which colours are on it. Explain why leaves are green, but in Autumn turn yellow/ brown. He will learn why and how things happen much quicker when experiencing it than by simply reading about it.

5. Opposites

I’m also focussing on teaching him basic opposites. To add that element of fun, we make a game out of it… we jump up HIGH, then bend down LOW. We spread our arms wide to show we’re FAT, then bring them in ‘coz now we’re THIN. We stretch TALL, then become SHORT… Little Man loves enacting the opposites and believe me, it is fun!!!


Add some fun to your toddler/ pre-schooler’s learning. Practice reading and sight recognition with these fun matches! You can head to Education.com for more learning resources.


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  1. Firoza

    I used to do exactly the same thing with both the kids…nothing much on the telly in those days and no computers or ipads and stuff either. We had to use our imagination to teach and explain stuff to them. 

    1. Nicole

      True. Especially in the days of no TV/ computers. Plus, makes the walk more interesting too!

  2. Mummy Bee

    I really like these ideas and I will be trying them with my LO when he gets to that stage. I have to admit this has been something that has been worrying me wondering how I will make learning fun for him. #GlobalBlogging

    1. Nicole

      Thank you… most welcome to give them a shot!
      I guess we get creative along the way, without realising it… I'm sure you'll come up with novel ideas to make learning fun yourself:) 

  3. Chilli Regina

    You have some great tips here. We as a family, love to go outdoors, in nature and we talk. A lot. About everything. We've done it since the kids were 2 years old. And it shows so much now they are in school. Teachers are asking me, how come they know so much about everything…I tell you, it's simple as talking, talking, explaining, answering their questions. Starts in your family, upgrades in school. 😉 #coolmumclub

    1. Nicole

      What you said is so true. I always believed in talking to my son, explaining things to him and even reading to him, even when he was a baby and didn't understand… I too think it helps them develop their speech and understanding from an earlier age. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

  4. Talya

    Great tips hon I do all of these with my three year old – there are fun opportunities for learning everywhere! Thanks for linking this up to #coolmumclub xoxo

    1. Nicole

      Thanks Talya… true, it's up to us to see the opportunities and make the most of them.

  5. Tabitha Siklos

    Great ideas – I can be guilty of just trying to get from A to B as quickly as possible, so I must remember to slow down, look around and make use of what I see. #globalblogging

    1. Nicole

      Thank you. Yes, we are almost always rushing somewhere, or late, and tend to forget to slow things down… I'm guilty of it too… but yes when we have all the time in the world, we add a little fun and learning in:)

  6. pam lorimer

    This is fantastic and a few ideas i hadnt even thought of! Thanks! #blogcrush

    1. Nicole

      Thank you… and feel free to borrow:)

  7. Eoin

    Wonderful ideas, love the notion that there are opportunities to teach and learn in the most everyday scenarios. I'll be putting these to good use, thanks. #globalblogging

    1. Nicole

      Thank you and yes, we can get pretty creative if we just put our heads to it:)

  8. One Messy Mama (@onemessymama4)

    Great tips. I think it is so important and much more fun when we are able to ue our surroundings as we teach. Like recognising numbers around us! Thanks for sharing !! #globalblogging

    1. Nicole

      Yes, you're right, it's so much more fun and there are opportunities for learning everywhere! 

  9. Wendy

    Amazing, these are really simple yet effective ideas here. My boy is all about counting at the minute and he likes shapes too. He's not that keen on letters so will give your number plate trick a try. Thanks for linking this up to #BlogCrush 

    1. Nicole

      Glad you found this post helpful, Wendy. Yes, my boy too isn't the type to 'sit down and learn' – he would much rather play – so I try and incorporate basic learning in other more fun ways. 

  10. Candice Hamilton

    Wonderful how you make learning a natural part of your little one's daily activities. Had to tweet your tips! Thank you for stopping by http://thefribourgfoundation.org/blog/school-break-5-ways-to-boost-kids-math-skills. -Candice Hamilton, The Fribourg Foundation

    1. Nicole

      Thank you for reading and sharing:) I loved your post and tips as well!!! Incorporating learning into the everyday makes it less of an effort and more fun for them, doesn't it?

  11. Sam - StressyMama

    Brilliant tips. Counting cars etc when outside of the house definitely makes learning more fun. When we go for walks we do little scavenger type hunts where we try to find things like, for example, 15 trees, 2 blue cars, how many different types of leaves can we find, how many people do we walk past.. #TriumphantTales

    1. Nicole

      Thanks Sam, and your scavenger hunt idea is great too. Finding 15 trees and the like… I’m going to incorporate these into our walks/ outings as well. Thank you!

  12. Mrs Mummy Harris

    These are some really good tips, Im so excited to help Ben learn! I’m currently trying to show him how to get up the stairs as right now he wants to walk up them and I’m adamant he’ll do it how kids usually do!!
    Thanks for linking up to #TriumphantTales, I hope to see you back next week!

    1. Nicole

      Thank you and yes kids just figure things out themselves sometimes… its amazing! Enjoy these years with Ben:)

  13. Jaki

    We do this all the time. We’re at the point now that my Little Man will instigate it himself aswell which is great! Thanks so much for linking up to #TriumphantTales. xx

    1. Nicole

      Yeah they really enjoy it don’t they?! Without even realising there’s learning going on.

  14. Alice | Letters to my Daughter

    These are lovely ideas. It’s so important to talk about what you see with little people, and you’re right they learn so much more intuitively and willingly when engaging in real life!

    And congratulations because someone loved this post so much, they added it to the #BlogCrush linky! Feel free to collect your “I’ve been featured” blog badge 🙂

    1. Nicole

      Thank you for your lovely comment Alice and I’m glad you enjoyed the post:)

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