Personalised Children's Books: Bringing 'magic' into reading – Review

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There's nothing better to introduce your child to than books. And a love for reading. And what better way to keep them wanting more than a personalised book, that explains the meaning behind their name and date of birth? The … Continued

7 Ways to Encourage your Kids to Love Science

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It's easy to get your child involved in art, craft and other creative fields, but it takes some effort to get them to enjoy science-oriented subjects. Be it for school, a future career or just to have a better understanding … Continued

5 ways to bring the classroom into your home

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I'm not a homeschooling mother (hell no, I need my alone-time and I have limited patience – though I have UTMOST respect for mums who choose to homeschool), but I try and incorporate a love for learning outside of the … Continued

Making Learning Fun: Kidloland App Review

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I have written about technology and Little Man before – about how I am one of those mums that eventually easily gives in to the television/ phone/ kindle/ i-pad to keep my energetic son entertained. While I would like to … Continued

Guest Post: How to choose the best toys for your toddler

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 *This is a guest post by Kevin Doyle, co-founder of Toys Advisors blog. Being a father himself to a son and a daughter, he knows the ins and outs of choosing toys that help toddlers learn and grow through play.  … Continued

5 Simple Ways to Make Learning Fun

When Little Man was little(r), life was all about song and dance and games and laughter. The focus was on developing his sensory and physical abilities, then his speech, emotions, independence. Now that he's almost three-and-a-half, and has mastered the above essentials, … Continued

Why 'Bad Moms' made me feel good

Bad Moms – the chick-mom flick starring Mila Kunis as an over-tired, over-worked, over-stressed mom – was on my 'must watch' movie list since I first saw the trailer. Of course, movies in theatres post Little Man are as frequent … Continued