Personalised Children’s Books: Bringing ‘magic’ into reading – Review

There’s nothing better to introduce your child to than books. And a love for reading. And what better way to keep them wanting more than a personalised book, that explains the meaning behind their name and date of birth?

The Story Tailors, who specialise in personalised children’s books, have two more lovely reads – The Magic of My Name and My Magical Numbers – out now. And I was lucky to receive a copy of each to review.



The Magic of My Name

What makes this book so special is that the character and the name of your child is integrated into the storyline and the imagery to create a personalised experience. Without giving away too much, the story is about a little boy (or girl, depending on who the book is personalised for) who is eager to find out the meaning of his name. The book then takes your child on an adventure through enchanted forests and magical worlds, where he encounters situations and people that reveal what each alphabet in his name stands for… and that’s how he learns the magic of his name.

My Magical Numbers

This book follows the same storyline, except that your child finds out the significance of his special numbers – his birth date. And in the process, also realises that numbers are not “boring” but actually interesting and exciting. As the mathematician in the book reveals: “Everything and everybody in the world has their own special numbers, and those numbers explain everything.” The book is educational as well as fun, because it explains the numbers involved in Earth’s rotation, days of the year and other fascinating facts – “numbers are the key to understanding how the world works.”

How can I personalise my book?

Parents are able to create their magical personalised book/s online at Not only can you specify the name/age of your child, but you can also select the relevant gender and skin and hair colour, so that the image in the book matches that of your child. What’s more, you can also leave a personal dedication! And last but not the least, you can preview it online before purchasing. It’s really that simple.


And as an aside, if your child is a football fan (or is still getting over the World Cup fever), then The Magic of Liverpool FC would be a lovely book for them. It combines the above magic of a personalised book with the excitement of football, where they will feature alongside some of the world’s most admired football players.

So go ahead and instil the magic of reading in your kids with personalised books. Unique, captivating and in a word, quite magical…

Disclosure: The books reviewed in this post were sent to me for the purpose of the review; however all opinions are my own

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