5 Books that help Toddlers with Life Skills

lets go to nursery

It’s World Book day today, and in honour of my favourite source of knowledge (ok, before google came around), I decided to pen a post on books. I’m glad my 3.5-year-old is interested in books and reading (rather, being read to) and it gives me immense joy to see him choose a book (or five) from his bookshelf and ask us to read to him.

While there are tonnes of great books out there for kids, with fantastic tales and illustrations, I’ve picked these particular five because they helped Little Man deal with certain life skills such as potty training and settling in at nursery. And also made it a tad easier for me to help him deal with these ‘changes’.

Note: This list is a compilation based purely on my preferences; I have not been paid to endorse them.

1. Let’s Go To Nursery

This eight-page hard-cover book is perfect for helping your tiny tots settle into nursery. Every mum knows what a heart-wrenching feeling it is to leave your precious little one in another’s care, especially when he/she is howling for you. I had a similar experience, and the first month was pure heartache. Till I stumbled upon this little gem in a charity store. It tells the story of Bunny who is a bit nervous about his first day at school, but then enjoys it and makes new friends and is eager to go back the next day. The short, easy-to-read sentences also rhyme, so that makes it all the more enjoyable.

TIP: I personalised the book and named all the characters in the book according to Little Man’s teachers and classmates, so that he could relate to everything better. It helped – we even took the book with us to nursery one day and pointed out the fictional characters to the real ones!

lets go to nursery - book for toddlers

2. Pirate Pete’s Potty

Pirate Pete and Princess Polly (Princess Polly’s Potty, for girls) help toddlers to get potty trained. Pete is now growing up to be a big boy, and is excited to say bye-bye to nappies, but how exactly does he use a potty? The book entices little boys through funny Pirate-related images, while explaining to them how to use the potty. There’s a ‘press the button’ feature that applauds Pete on his success at every stage.

TIP: We made it a ritual of pressing the applause button every time we had a successful trip to the toilet. It helped Little Man feel he achieved something big!

pirate pete's potty - potty training book for toddlers

3. The Love Underpants series

These books also help in potty training… however, rather than tell children what to do, the Underpants series gets them acquainted with and excited about the concept of underpants. When Aliens, Pirates and Dinosaurs wear underpants and go on massive adventures, it must be fun to wear them too, correct?!

TIP: Start reading these to your toddler BEFORE actually starting potty training. It will help get them excited about bidding goodbye to nappies and saying hello to underpants.

The Underpants series - potty training book for toddlers

4. Ten Tiddly, Widdly Tadpoles

I like this one because it helps teach your kids the concepts of counting down and subtraction (as the story is about ten tadpoles who then separate until there’s only one left). Of course this book will make more sense to your child once he or she knows how to count from 1-10. With colourful pictures and rhyming text, this is a great start to basic Math.

TIP: Read this book to your three-year-old when you want to get a bit of learning into your day, without it being monotonous or boring.

ten tiddly widdly tadpoles - counting book for toddlers

5. Peppa’s Christmas Post

So there are loads of Christmas-related books for kids. But this one based on the hugely popular Peppa Pig is an interactive Christmas book, and I love it almost as much as Little Man!

Peppa's Christmas Post - book for toddlers

Apart from the story, it’s got an Advent Calendar and a Little Book of Festive Treats with real recipes for gingerbread cookies, a chocolate log and star biscuits. It’s also got a letter from Santa himself and Christmas stickers. A super-fun way to get your little one involved in Christmas (and bonus points if he or she is a Peppa Pig fan).

TIP: You could use the Advent Calendar to teach your child about Christmas… or to help them count down the number of days to Christmas. And with the little recipe book, you could also get them to help you bake some delicious Christmas goodies. You’re sorted for the Christmas break!

Peppa's Christmas Post - book


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  1. donna

    We love books. They are a great tool for kids, as well as being fun! Happy world book day! #coolmumclub

    1. Nicole

      Agree. So happy my LO is interested in books. Thanks for popping over:)

  2. Rebecca

    Ok these are fabulous… I am DEFINITELY going to go to Amazon and buy the nuresery and underpants ones… we are having a little nuresery regression due to attachement issues that have recently developed so fingers crossed this might help! And little man has communication nd speech delay so we havent embarked on potty training so will start reading the underpants ones to encourage! <3 #coolmumclub

    1. Nicole

      Ah, my son too had a nursery regression a few months after settling in… it's tough, isn't it? I hope the books help you… all the best! 

  3. MMT

    Great picks – we could do with that nursery one right now! We aso have the princess version of the potty training one too!

    1. Nicole

      Thanks! Yes the nursery one REALLY helped us. All the best.

  4. emma me and b make tea

    aw love this round up. we have pirate petes potty and it worked really well. one night i stepped on the blinking cheer button though and it sounded sooooo loud in the dead of night ! #GlobalBlogging

    1. Nicole

      Hahaha, I can imagine Pete cheering in the silence of the night. That's hilarious!!!

  5. The Tale of Mummyhood

    This is a lovely list.  I'm always reading to my two, there will be some welcome additions to our library from here!  #BloggerClubUK

    1. Nicole

      Thanks:) Yes, reading to/with your children is such an amazing bond, isn't it?

  6. Suz

    A great selection. Books are such a great way to explain things to your chldren.


    1. Nicole

      Thank you. Yes, indeed, the power of books is amazing. Thanks for stopping by…

  7. Eva Katona

    We love reading, but haven't got any of these books! Better order them ? #globalblogging

    1. Nicole

      They really helped me! Especially the nursery one…

  8. One Messy Mama

    These books are adorable. I have a "Potty" book, that ALL my kids have used.. I must admit, it's pretty sentimental 🙂 Thanks for sharing Nicole! #globalblogging

    1. Nicole

      Hahaha, it's amazing how we mums get so attached to things like 'potty books' and the like! But I see your point – I too have a soft spot for the nursery book because it really helped my little fellow settle in.

  9. Swapna

    I love the Aliens series! Glad you shared at #practicalmondays  🙂

    1. Nicole

      it's a lovely linky; glad to have come across it:) Thanks for hosting!

  10. The Messy Mommy

    This is a great list. My daughter’s not nearly ready for any of these, but I plan to add them to my collection for when she is!

    1. Nicole

      Thanks so much. Hope she enjoys the books:)

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