What kind of mum are you according to your zodiac sign?

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Astrology, astronomy, star signs… you either believe in it all or you don’t. Can your birth month and co-relating zodiac sign influence your personality and other traits? Probably…  Can it innately be the reason for the kind of mum you are? Probably…

Now while I’m not stating the under as the gospel truth, I’m not undermining the power of the zodiac chart. According to Numerology Sign, there are certain traits a mother tends to have according to her star sign. These in no way affect her love for her children; but the relevant zodiac energy has a significant influence on parenting style, character and could probably even help you decide the kind of gifts she likes!  Below you’ll find all the peculiarities that make each mother unique – does it match yours?



  • She is an active mother; a tireless defender of her children
  • She will help her children when they need it, but won’t interfere with their personal decisions
  • An Aries mother is inventive and creative
  • Over the years she becomes her child/ren’s best friend and counselor
  • She cares about her child’s image: how they look, how they communicate and socialise

Gifts for the Aries mother: A smartphone or tablet will be perfect for her, as will any accessory that has her birthstone – amethyst – on it.


  • A firm, stubborn, somewhat inflexible mother but always in the spirit of working out of love for the happiness of her children
  • A practical mother, industrious, artistic and musical
  • She’s always busy and working to improve the home economy
  • A Tauriun planned her motherhood with great detail
  • Although she’s a bit dominant, severe and conservative, she does this out of genuine concern and care for the the future and safety of her children.

Gifts for the Taurus mother: A necklace with crystals, malachite, emeralds, jade or green quartz will be her perfect lucky charm. As Taurus governs beauty, a good perfume, makeup case or skincare products will also be much appreciated.


  • Intelligent mother, communicative, brilliant, visionary, prepares her children for life’s ups and downs
  • Gemini knows how to divide time wisely so that there’s no lack of warmth or affection in her nest
  • Although they live at an accelerated rate, when it comes to children, there’s always time
  • Her anger or dislikes vanish quickly and she doesn’t hold grudges. She shows an infinite tenderness for her children

Gifts for the Gemini mother: If she likes jewellery, consider something that has her birthstone – citrine agate. Candles with a lavender fragrance or her favourite artist’s new record are also good gift ideas.


  • Mother Cancer is Moon’s daughter, from who she receives the feminine principle of the Universe – she is caring, nourishing and loving 
  • Any detail of affection or gratitude a Cancer mother receives will make her infinitely happy
  • Cancer is extremely protective, sentimental, sacrificial and a great defender of the safety and welfare of their children
  • Can be temperamental but always showing exceptional understanding and support for her children

Gifts for the Cancer mother: Being very homelike she finds great pleasure in cooking. So a recipe book or something for the kitchen will always be a win. She also likes pearls, her lucky stone.


  • This Mother reigns the jungle, she’s strong and a little “bossy”
  • She’s capable of sacrificing everything for her children, but, in exchange, she needs a little bit of flattery 
  • She is optimistic, dynamic and often takes the lead in parenting roles 

Gifts for the Leo mother:  Dressing with elegance is essential for Leos, so a garment, accessory or jewellery will please her a lot


  • Virgo mums are perfectionists – details matter! Nothing goes unnoticed for her
  • Education and culture are important to her – her children will have their academic and cultural path drawn out for them 
  • She’s a thinker and likes to plan for the future

Gifts for the Virgo mother: She will like any product that highlights beauty – be it for herself or her home/ surroundings. It really is quite easy shopping for her!


  • Talented and artistic mother
  • She has strong character and willpower
  • They are extremely romantic, dreamy and imaginative
  • Libran mums educate their children with sweet words and kind actions
  • Their sense of justice makes them understand, accept and forgive any tantrum/ wrong behaviour
  • A Libran mum knows how to respect her children’s ideas and tastes

Gifts for the Libra mother: Librans like a good outing – a romantic dinner, a good movie or concert or play will make a perfect gift for her.


  • Scorpio mums are the family detective – they always know what’s going on!
  • She is possessive, dominant and goal-oriented but also very emotional
  • Honesty is very important to Scorpios, and they will teach their children the same
  • They are a spiritual guide for their children

Gifts for the Scorpio mother: Anything mysterious, spiritual or out of the ordinary will catch the interest of a Scorpio mom. A rare collectible piece will please her very much.


  • She’s a supermom who breathes through her children. She will attempt to build them a fantasy world, so they won’t suffer or feel any disappointments
  • Sagittarius’ love freedom and need their space 
  • Has a close, friend-like bond with her children

Gifts for the Sagittarius mother: Being a sporty, dynamic and cheerful mother there are many possible gifts to choose. A new pair of sneakers or gardening tools, JUST look for something to support her hobbies.


  • A disciplinary, serious and conservative mother, she is responsible, demanding and intelligent
  • The Capricorn mother is always motivating her kids to be the best possible version of themselves
  • A Capricorn values her children and her career/ self-growth, which sometimes leads to dilemmas and indecisions
  • Although she isn’t very affectionate and emotionally demonstrative, she adores her family above all.

Gifts for the Capricorn mother: She is an intellectual mother, so books are her best friend. 


  • Unpredictable, she breaks all conventions of a ‘typical’ mother
  • She lets her children live their own lives being their best friend and ally
  • Loves challenges and has no fear – she is open and prepared for everything that can happen

Gifts for the Aquarius mother: She will like anything strange, different, old or rustic.


  • Self-sacrificing, she’s the most emotional and sentimental mother in the zodiac
  • Places a lot of importance on spiritual development
  • The sweetest and most tender mother of the zodiac

Gifts for the Pisces mother: For the most spiritual and emotional mother that exists, a romantic album, a personal development book, or even a scrapbook of memories will bring her happiness.




  1. Elizabeth Seal

    Haha loved this! I adore those zodiac profiles you can do and loved finding out about my star sign parenting style 😀 such a cute idea! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
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    1. Nicole

      Thanks Elizabeth and I’m glad you enjoyed this fun post:) Quite intriguing, isn’t it, how our star sign potentially outlines our parenting style?!

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