Mumspeak #8 – What’s your MumFuel?

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Hello mums and welcome back to 2018’s first #Mumspeak. It’s that awful time of the year – January! – when we are fat, broke and suffering from post-Christmas blues. The gloomy weather doesn’t help. Instead of mince-pies and Baileys, we have kale and green tea to look forward to in our January detox. Which is why we need our MumFuel even more – whatever  it is that keeps tired mums going.

So I put forth the question to mums and got varied responses… from the expected (and very much needed) caffeine and wine, gin and Red Bull to healthier options like green smoothies and avocado on toast to some unusual ones like loud music and snuggling up in dressing gowns. Enjoy the read, and don’t forget to tell me your MumFuel in the comments below.

Naomi from Trips With a Tot

Pub! It has to be the pub. I couldn’t believe it when our 2 year old said “go pub” the other day. Well, teach ‘em young!

Katie from Living Life Our Way

Chilling out in front of the TV for a bit before bed is what fuels me for the next day. A decent sleep and a cup of tea or smoothie in the morning is what fuels me for that day ahead!

Nikki from Spinnin Plates

Hot water with lemon first thing. Great aid for digestion, then juice time, I mean the green stuff!! It’s so energetic to start my day with a vitamin boost. Gave up regular tea and coffee and boy, what a change! I’d recommend it mammas, truly delish!

Kelly from School Runs and Shopping Trolleys

Tea. And chocolate. Definitely chocolate, once the kids are in bed and I don’t have to share!

Emma from The Cheshire Wife

Tea, and a small bottle of Smirnoff ice on a Friday evening (so rock n’ roll)

Victoria from The Growing Mum

Hitting the sofa after he’s gone to bed to do whatever low-noise activity I want to. The evenings where I go out after he’s gone down I don’t feel the same.

Hollie from Thrifty Mum

What keeps me going is when my parents babysit both boys and I get a full day to write. Having the head space to be creative is my luxury.

Simone from Married to a Geek

Coffee. Lots of it. And unfortunately for my thighs, chocolate digestives and custard creams – the only fuel getting me through after a 5.30 am start…

Sinead from Sinead Latham

Music… our household is powered by music. Helps me calm down or psych myself up… there’s always a song for the moment.

Vikki from Family travel With Ellie

Two things keep me going – firstly knowing two small people are watching and not wanting to disappoint or let them down. And secondly crisps. Lots and lots of crisps…

Rachel from Coffee, Cake, Kids

Coffee. About 12 cups a day. It takes me at least two to be a functioning human.

Sophie from Essential: Pro

An essential oil blend called Balance!

Raimy from Readaraptor Hatchling

Coffee and my phone. It’s sad but it’s true! I think I’d give up if I couldn’t chat to my Mama crew instantly whenever I needed to.

Amy from All About A Mummy

Reading. I read every night to shut down from the day and clear my mind of PE kits and spelling tests and nits. Then I’m ready to start afresh the next day.

Claire from My Tunbridge Wells

Going to the gym! I don’t always feel like going but always appreciate it afterwards and feel more energised/positive and generally more capable to tackle things!

Victoria from Lylia: Rose

Having some time to myself and exercising with loud music in my ears! It helps me zone out and refresh!

Louise from A Strong Coffee

Coffee. I called my blog A Strong Coffee as people always asked me how I coped with 3 boys under 4. Now my eldest is 10 but I still need one in the morning to function.

Emma from The Money Whisperer

When you’re juggling so much with little ones I find I need to do something I love to unwind and also give me energy – for me that’s cooking. Not just cooking to feed people but cooking food I love to cook from scratch. I probably get to do this about once a week but it totally fires me up again!

Becky from Mommy and Rory

Whatever I can scoff while the toddler isn’t looking! In my house sharing is definitely not caring!!!

Eva from Captain Bobcat

Some mornings, it is sheer willpower!

Veronica from My Parenting Journey

It’s definitely music. I tend to limit my caffeine intake lately so my ultimate hack is pumping music in the house. It works not just for me but for my daughter as well. Although the downside is she will also get energized and hyped to make mess in the house.

Beth from Twinderelmo

Bacon! The world seems a much less scary place with a bacon butty in one hand and a big mug of tea in the other. It helped me survive newborn twin days! Just the smell alone helps lure me out of bed…

Megan from Truly Madly Kids

Netflix! Sometimes I just need a sit down and a quick episode of something!

Claire from The Happy Weaner

NUTELLA by the spoonful, straight from the jar!

Alison from Instant Mum of Two

Notice no one has said “kids laughter” haha, though it always helps if they’re in a good mood! If I get home from work and they are in good form I do sigh a massive sigh of relief! After my 3 year old is in bed, I relax with a nice vodka and Pepsi max!

Kate from The Mum Conundrum

Daytime I’d go for marmite and avocado on toast (honestly the best snack ever!). Night time (cliche alert!) it has to be wine… Doesn’t have to be more than one, I just like a nice glass of red once the kids are in bed.

Star from Autism Kids on Tour

Lots of cups of tea through the week; I run on caffiene! And at the weekends I play paintball, its a great stress relief!

Jo from Mummy Needs Wine

Wine and coffee!

Ami from Ami Elizabeth

The fact that I wanted to be a Mum for so long before I fell pregnant.

Luschka from Diary of a First Child

Coffee and knowing I generally have weekends to myself. And audio books. Lots and lots and lots of audio books make domestic chores less painful!

Natalie from Plutonium Sox

Gin. Give me all of the gin. After the small people are in bed, obviously

Emma from Me and B Make Tea

Red Bull. And I really want to stop it!

Jennie from Rice Cakes and Raisins

My dressing gown. I love finishing the day off by getting all snuggly in my gown and bed socks. I’m so old!

Nicola from Mummy to Dex

Coke Zero! I’ve become an absolute fiend after doing slimming world to lose the baby weight. Even though I’m back to pre-baby size I still drink a can of it everyday!

Liberty from Liberty on the Lighter Side

Other mothers! One of the biggest things that helps me get past the nightmarish nights and emotionally charged days is when I read about or talk to other mothers who are in exactly the same boat, and we all fall about laughing at how hard life can be at times!


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  1. Nicky

    What an interesting read and how different we all are!!! I may have to try the Nutella trick! Thanks to Clare from The Happy Weaner! Might make a change from my healthy green juice!!

    1. Nicole

      I salute you for your dedication to the green stuff first thing in the morning! I need my tea or coffee first thing to be fully ‘awake’!

  2. Liberty Henwick

    Thanks for including my comments, what an awesome list (busy drinking my coffee while I read it!!)

    1. Nicole

      Love your answer Liberty – the support of other mums is always so important. Really keeps us afloat!

  3. Nicola | Mummy to Dex

    It’s great how we all seem to have a wide variety of things that fuel us! Mumming is a pretty tough job so it’s great that most of us can find something to keep us going! Thanks for including me.

    1. Nicole

      So true. Mumming (love the word btw!) is probably THE toughest job… there is no off-switch is there?!

  4. Josie - Me, Them and the Others

    My Mum fuel is chocolate digestives, it was literally a whole pack a day when I had a newborn but my intake is (slightly) more reasonable now.

    1. Nicole

      Ooooh, I love them too x

  5. Kate - The Mum Conundrum

    I still stand by my mum fuel choices! Great Post lovely xx

    1. Nicole

      One can never tire of wine I suppose;) Thanks hun

  6. Tracey Carr

    Wow, where do you start. Definitely a couple of strong cups of tea in the morning and by evening time I like to get out with my headphones. My lovely husband got me a pair of noise-cancelling ones so all I can hear is the music and it is definitely one of my best ways of switching off. If anything happened to them I would be gutted!! #itsok

    1. Nicole

      Music, that’s a lovely one! Does indeed transport you to another place…

  7. MomOfTwoLittleGirls

    Those are all so great. Mine is definitely coffee. I try cut back on wine in January, but not completely! lol
    Thanks for linking up to the #ItsOK Linky. Hope to see you back next week.

    1. Nicole

      NOTHING can beat the deadly combination of coffee and wine (not together, obvs!!!)

  8. Jacqui Bester

    Mine is definitely a hot bath and a good book! #itsok

    1. Nicole

      Great choices Jacqui!

  9. Crummy Mummy

    I definitely agree with the bacon buttie one – especially after a bad night with the baby! #itsok

    1. Nicole

      Hahaha, unusual choice but a tasty one nonetheless!

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