Singing Singapore’s Praises for a Holiday with the Children

If you want your children to be little nomads who grow up to have a real sense of adventure and urgency when it comes to seeing the world, then you’re going to have to take them away on holiday as much and as often as you can. But this doesn’t mean just heading down your country’s coast or heading to a destination that is within an hour or so from your home. No, this means going much, much farther afield. This means taking them to a city or country that is completely different to their own so that they can see and feel what other cultures are like.

And if you’re wondering where this perfect far-afield destination may be, then look no further than Singapore! Yes, Singapore is a great place to take the kids simply because of how different and new a place it will be to them. What’s more, Singapore has plenty to offer your little travellers too. To see what it can offer them, make sure to read on.



It is a different culture, but not completely alien

As much as you want your children to get out there and really embrace all the cultures that our world has to offer, sometimes you have to consider what they actually want. And, as children, what they actually want is to feel comfortable and happy in their environment at all times, and is that going to happen in a culture that is completely alien to them? The answer is no. Unfortunately, children are not as open to new environments and cultures as us adults are. But… that’s where Singapore comes in.

Yes, in Singapore you and your children will find a place that is made up of equal parts Southeast Asian culture and a distinctly Western culture. Because Singapore is a place – probably the only place in this part of the world – that is more than happy to embrace other cultures, resulting in it becoming a place that does feel distinctly different to say, the U.S., but at the same time it feels very similar to it. If you need evidence of this being the case, then look no further than the fact that a Universal Studios can be found in Singapore, and this is as American a thing as there is in the modern world!

The amalgamation of Singapore’s fluctuating character doesn’t just stop at it embracing the Western idea of a fun time. No, this is a place that embraces all sorts of cultures — a stroll around its Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glam areas proves that. So, whoever you are and wherever you visit Singapore from, you are more than likely going to find something that makes you feel right at home.

It teaches children about Southeast Asia

But Singapore being an amalgamation of different cultures in no way, shape or form means that it is a sovereign city-state that is not proud of itself, its history and everything that it offers because it is most certainly proud of itself. What’s more, Singapore offers up plenty of chances for visitors to learn everything about the city and Southeast Asia in general — and don’t worry, your kids are not likely to get bored during these lessons!

And that’s because of the way it is all taught there — in a way that will entertain and stimulate them. For instance, when you take your little ones to the S.E.A. Aquarium both you and them will be able to get up close and personal with over 100,000 types of marine wildlife, most of which are native to Southeast Asia, and you will really get the chance to learn about each one individually. Or, similarly, you’ll could head on out to Singapore’s Night Safari in order to see and learn about all of the nocturnal animals that call this part of the world their home in a real life rainforest and savannah — be quick, though, because 29% of the nocturnal animals that you and the kids can learn about here are threatened with immediate extinction. Or, you could head to the Jurong Bird Park where you’ll would be able to get up close and personal with over 8,000 species of birds, most of which, mainly found in the Southeast Asian Birds Aviary section of the park, are native to this part of the world. Or, finally, if nature isn’t yours or your kids thing then you could all head to the Singapore Discovery Center – here, your kids would have the chance to spend hours and hours playing with all the interactive features the center has to offer and learn about Singapore’s past, present and even its proposed future. Similarly, the Battle Box is also a good place to take the kids if you want them to learn about the part Singapore played in WWII.

There is lots of child-friendly fun to be had there

A trip to Singapore doesn’t have to be all about culture and learning for your kids, though. It can also be about having some good old-fashioned fun!

Somewhere that is a particularly fun place to take the kids is the Wild Wild Wet Water Park. Regarded as one of the greatest water parks in the world — yes, the whole world — this is a park that offers many different rides at many different paces, meaning that there will be something there for each family member, no matter their ride disposition, height or age. Or, if water parks really aren’t your children’s idea of an amazing and fun day out, then Snow City could, in fact, be the perfect place to head to with them. This indoor snow center (yes, an indoor snow center in Singapore) provides vast amounts of fun for children and can even act as a sanctuary for them away from the hot, sticky climate of this part of the world. In the center you’ll can give snow tubing, snowboarding and even skiing a go; or, if your kids are not yet old enough or brave enough to seek thrills and spills, you’ll could simply have a snowball fight in the specially dedicated snowball fight area of the center. Or, for something that is not as wet or as cold as a water park or snow center, make sure to consider Sentosa, a once deserted island in Singapore that is now simply just a playground of pleasure. Here you’ll will find Fantasy Island, a place that is full of slides and rides for your kids to enjoy through the day; Volcano Land, where you’ll can witness a make-believe erupting volcano; and there is the previously mentioned Universal Studios site.

So, as you can see, there really is a whole world of fun to be had for your kids in Singapore, meaning a trip here would never leave them bored or counting down the minutes until they could go home.

It is as safe a place as you’ll find in Southeast Asia

Singapore is truly a safe place to visit, and this is no mean feat considering the reputation a lot of places in Southeast Asia have in regards to their treatment of tourists. It is such a safe place because of how family-orientated its attractions are and how truly modern the state is in regards to its treatment of ‘outsiders’. So, if you’re looking for a place to take your kids where they can have fun and be themselves without having to worry about them being in danger in the slightest, then make sure to consider Singapore. And, if you’re thinking about going one step further and are actually looking at properties for rent in Singapore in order to stay there long term, then rest your safety concerns to bed as the policing system in Singapore is just about as organised and proficient as anywhere else in the world, meaning continuing safety will always beassured.

So, there you have it, four points that sing Singapore’s praises in regards to how perfect a place it is for your children to visit. To see somewhere else that is a bit closer to home but just as good to visit with the kids, make sure to head here.

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