Child-friendly recommendations by parents for parents: Kinfoapp Review

Are you the kind of parent that always reads reviews before purchasing a product, be it a toy or a particular brand of clothes, or reads up on a restaurant or theme park before visiting? If you are nodding along, then I suspect you would like to read real reviews from real people (not advertisers or sponsors). And isn’t it more trustworthy and accurate when the product/ place that you are researching is reviewed by a fellow parent?

Well, then, this post is for YOU. Look no further than the Kinfoapp, an online app where you can read and submit reviews on just about anything child or family-related. The best part is that 100% of what is listed has been recommended by a parent – not sponsors – so you are literally hearing it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak!

Set up by a group of parents who were frustrated about not having time to share meaningful tips and recommendations with other parents (something that we all do at the school-gate, playground, kids parties and on social media), the kinfoapp aims to make parenting easier and more pro-active. Rather than sitting your bored child in front of the television all day, these parents urge us to find activities to do and places to go that expand our children’s minds and shape their childhood. By sharing what kids love doing, and how it benefits them, parents help fellow parents raise happier, well-rounded kids.

So, how does it work? It’s simple:
1. Download the app for free on Google Play or the App store

The Homepage of the app


2. Choose the category you wish to search
Or, if you want to write a review, go to the ‘I want to recommend section’ (the yellow and black + sign on the bottom) and choose from the categories (a place, a product or something else such as a film or a musical).
3. Read or write a recommendation.

This is a recommendation I wrote on the Ben 10 Rustbucket playset


Families can recommend anything they have enjoyed – a day out, an indoor space, an event or something more tangible like a toy, board game, book, movie or even sports equipment. If there’s a lovely child-friendly restaurant in your neighbourhood, recommend it so other parents know. If you’ve tried a delicious recipe that all the family love, share it.

In going with the pro-active basis of the app, toys and games that help children to PLAY (as opposed to just passively watch), and products that are gentle for the environment as well as sustainable are popular searches.

At the moment, the app is focussed on London and surrounding areas, but it is expanding to include areas further out in the countryside. The map section highlights activities in your area (see image below).

So the next time you’re considering making a particular purchase for your kid, or wondering if a particular place is worth the hype, you know where to look for trusted opinions. And while you’re there, share your own experiences… you’ll be doing another mum out there a huge favour!

Note: I was introduced to this app via a friend, and just thought it was worth writing about as it is SO HELPFUL!


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  1. Pearls of Kiddom

    This is mega handy! Let’s someone else do all the painstaking research for you, brilliant!

    1. Nicole

      Yes, an extremely useful and resourceful app!

  2. Rebecca

    That sounds really useful. I’ll go and download it once little man is sorted x

    1. Nicole

      A worthy app to have on your phone for sure!

  3. Rochelle @

    What a great idea – I much prefer reviews and recommendations from other mums so I can see this being really handy!

    1. Nicole

      Agree Rochelle, it’s so much more meaningful and relatable when it’s from a fellow mum, isn’t it!

  4. Lucinda

    This is such a great way to find reviews!

    1. Nicole

      And authentic and reliable too!

  5. Helen Aka Welsh Mum Writing

    What a great app! I’ve never heard of it. Thanks so much for sharing. #thursdayteam

    1. Nicole

      Most welcome Helen. It is a very useful app indeed.

  6. Kirsty

    This app looks fantastic! I always read reviews and recommendations before going somewhere or buying something. If that review is written by someone similar to me then I trust it so much more. Thank you for sharing with #ThursdayTeam

    1. Nicole

      So true Kirsty. Only a mum could give a review about a product / place that another mum could completely relate with:)

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