Five tech tips to make mums’ lives easier

A mum’s plate is always full. She is always juggling loads of balls, balancing home and kids and career and life admin day in and day out. Of course, the past year has been even more testing with numerous lockdowns and working-from-home with the entire family at home and homeschooling! And while there are other avenues to help, such as childcare, extended family that assists from time to time and flexible working options, these five gadgets/ apps/ calculators can make a LOT of her tasks easier. And quicker. After all, that is the purpose of  technology, right?!


1. A mortgage calculator

For a UK home owner, the word mortgage is of prime importance. it is both your investment for the future and your monthly expenditure. So it’s essential to get it absolutely right from the start. Times change, incomes increase/ decrease and circumstances change, and at times like this having a mortgage repayment calculator specific for the UK is a blessing! It takes the headache and stress out of managing your mortgage payments.

2. Alexa or Google Home

Having one of these makes a busy mum’s life so much easier! From to-do lists and shopping lists to recipes to finding out information, an Alexa or Google Home saves time having to write these things down or scroll your phone or laptop to search for answers – you can just speak to the devices instead!

Mums can also get help with their kids’ homework by asking the devices questions or asking them to read a book aloud to their children if they are busy with something else.

3. Apps that help you eat healthier and stay fitter

Today, there are loads of apps that help you keep track of your diet and fitness goals, and having one or more of these help busy mums on their journey to fitness. Be it an app that counts the calories in everything you eat or a FitBit that measures how many steps you’ve taken each day, technology today can help mums eat healthier and keep fitter.

4. Online shopping

This is a godsend for all mothers. No more spending a couple hours walking around a busy supermarket pushing a massive trolley around while trying to stop your toddler from running off to the chocolate aisle! Online shopping (be it for your weekly grocery shop or for clothes) is a game-changer (and a real time-saver) for a mum.

5. Scheduling apps for work

Working mums can have their own Virtual Assistant in the form of scheduling apps that help them plan and schedule their work. For mums who blog for a living or are social media influencers, a social media scheduler can save a lot of time and effort.


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